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C. Mattiuz

Sep 9, 2004, 10:44:35 PM9/9/04

Philadelphia Animation Society
September, 2004 Meeting

Our next meeting of the Philadelphia Animation Society will be taking
place Saturday night, September 11th, 2004 at the Holiday Inn Express
Midtown at 1305 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA from 6:30 pm until 11:00 pm.

Some of the titles scheduled to be shown at this meeting include...

1989 TV series from Tatsunoko Productions and originally aired on TV

The story of Heaven Wars Shurato is based on Hindu and Buddhist mythology.
The main character is a 16-year-old boy named Hidaka Shurato, who is
transported to Tenkuukai, the world of the gods, by the Harmony Goddess
Vishnu. He and his childhood friend, Kuroki Gai, are reincarnations of Deva
gods. Indrah, the Deva gods' general, turns Vishnu to stone and frames
Shulato and his friends for the deed, turning the rest of the Deva gods,
including Gai, against them. The series details their journey as they try to
revive Vishnu and save the land from the invading Asura gods, as well as
clear their own names. Along the way, they are forced to fight their former
comrades, and Shulato is forced to fight Gai.

1966 US cartoon TV series based on the Marvel Comics character.

More info can be found in Sub-Mariner section on the "Don Markstein's
Toonpedia" website (http://www.toonopedia.com/subbie.htm)

Astro Boy (2003)
Updated version of the classic anime that aired in Japan on Fuji TV .

Super Star God Gransazer
2003 tokusatsu series from Toho.

Synopsis taken from SciFi-JapanMedia website:
Billions of years ago on Earth, there was an advanced ancient civilization
with awesome technology. Their greatest creation was the 'Chou Seishin' or
Ultra Star Gods. It was this technology that made Earth a target for other
civilizations in space, for they were perceived as a threat. An alien fleet
went to Earth to eradicate that civilization. Earth fought back using the
'Chou Seishin'. Unfortunately that battle was lost, and the Ultra Star Gods
lay dormant in the Earth until now. In the present day, there are those who
have descended from the ancient civilization and posses the power of
Gransazers and the power to awaken the 'Chou Seishin'. Now, the alien threat
looms over Earth once again, the Gransazers assemble to meet this growing

Gen 13
1998 animated feature film based on the comic book published by Image

The Philadelphia Animation Society has been meeting regularly on the
second Saturday of the month since September, 1982. Interest has never faded
because of the enormous supply of Japanese Anime, live-action tokusatsu,
sentai and kaiju that fills most of our programming. Every month there is
new material from an endless flow of television broadcasts and features.
Most are Japanese, but there is no limitation(If we like it, it gets

The Videotape is shown on one central television. The outer rooms are
for dealers in books, toys, records, tapes, etc. Dealer space is limited and
must be reserved. Call 215-545-3198 for details.

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