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Mark F. Newton

Feb 8, 1990, 4:25:07 AM2/8/90
About Happosai, that is one character I really don't like. I think
he tends to mess up any episode, or Shonen Sunday he is in. I guess
it's the "hentai" in him- you know, he has a "thing" about womens

The only thing I think, that contributed to a story line is where
Akane accidentally eats his "power ramen" (?) in the current issues
of Shonen Sunday. It is a story that deals more with Akane vs.
Shampoo, rather than Happposai's actual involvement.

By the way, has anyone bought or seen any issues past the double
issue of 4&5 (1990)? I haven't been to San Francisco, and the last
one I got was Jan 14. They did a double issue with 2&3, are they
taking a vacation?

By the way, I feel he pretty much made book 7 a wash. (Happosai)

Mata ne da-cha,

"Suki ari!" (or is it sukiari?)

(ames att sun)!pacbell! \ Sakura-mendo, CA
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uunet!mmsac! / the good guys!

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