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Ryan Gavigan

Apr 20, 1993, 7:39:44 PM4/20/93
In article <1r1qs7...@gap.caltech.edu> Laputa Sequel writes:
> Alright, 3 topics at once(I can do this, really I can)
>First topic, Harmony Gold;
> Now, I am sure most of you have heard of Robotech, and know about Carl Macek, Macross, Southern Cross, and Mospeada. In addition, it is (relatively) common knowledge that Harmony Gold also did a Harlock/Queen Millenium mix thing. However, I know that Harmony Gold has(fairly recently) done a LOT of dubbing. Following are some show

Harmony Gold has been out of the animation business for a few years
now. They basically had a fire/liquidation sale. Carl got back Robotech,
Windaria, Birth. Captain Harlock and Queen Millenia got sold reportedly to
a foreign corporate entity (reportedly a tax dodge for some CA drug company)
(all Carl would say about it is that it was "unavailable".)

>s that I KNOW they did:
> DragonQuest(due to copywriting, HG changed the name to "DragonWarrior". I know they did at least the first 13 episodes. This show has some good BGM, in my opinion, and I have heard from others that the dubbing is a pretty good translation)

Sorry, they did not do this one. Xenix Corporation (game company)
owned the show and worked on the distribution, the dubbing was produced
by Saban Entertainment. The complex workings of tv syndication basically
caused Xenix to not bother trying to air the rest of the series, they did
air 13 of 43 episodes.

> DragonBall(I have heard that they dubbed at least 1 of the movies and several of the TV episodes)
They did a DragonBall Special, which consisted of the 1st and 3rd
OVAs of DragonBall edited together. (OVAs were just very very compressed
form of the stories of the tv series with new animation.).
They also did the first five tv episodes (at least), and they were
aired in a few test markets, (the tape I have was taped in Detroit.) and
was the final animation effort Harmony Gold did.

DragonBall and Minky Momo were the only entities that were still
around following Carl's "buyout". It is unknown whether these were sold
to others here , or if the licenses reverted back to the original holders
in Japan.

> Now, I was lucky enough to catch DragonQuest off of TV, but have
>NO idea how to get the rest of the series(as well as the BGM). I have an

The BGM for "Dragon Warrior" was completely an american fabrication.
Composed by the do-all music writers for english shows, Haim Saban and
Shuki Levy.(Cities of Gold, X-men, blah blah blah). It basically, imho, had
pretty much one song, that wasn't that complex that just repeated over an
over and over.

Many japanese videos stores in the major cities that carry tv
episode tapes have DragonQuest tapes.

Dragon Warrior was interesting, but not all that faithful. (Let's put
it this way, when Deiji/Daisy was bathing/swimming, it was NOT her "sword"
the guys were after...)

>is, at least in my opinion, wrong to aquire tapes legally and relatively easily availible*). Next, there are signs saying where you are showing this stuff. If there are any pictures on it, unless you drew it, you
>are breaking the law(If you buy a cell and use IT, this might be legal, but it depends). If you charge admission, another law broken(donations
> are allowed though).
> Now, the actual showing of anime. If you get permission from
>the company, there is nothing wrong(i.e., what AnimEigo says you can
> do on the cards that come with their tapes, or what Books Nippan did a week or so back in L.A., since they were showing stuff they owned,
> nothing wrong with it). Showing a LD you bought from Books Nippan or Laser Perceptions is slightly illegal. Showing stuff copied off of TV(including Fan subbed shows like KOR and Nadia), is vaguely illegal.
>In general, the more illegal the aquisition of the tape, the more illegal the showing of it.
> Now, all of this is TECHNICALLY ILLEGAL. To be specific, every time anyone in rec.arts.anime doesn't put trademarked by every thing from the word Lum to Kyuuketsuki Miyu, they are infringing on copywrite laws.
> Now, topic 3, my opinions on legality:
>Stuff from AnimEigo,USMC,etc.:GOOD

Ryan Gavigan

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