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Ranma : Daydreams. [FanFic]

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Christian Gadeken

Jun 25, 1994, 4:16:43 AM6/25/94

Ranma 1/2 : Daydreams

The dinner crowd was crowding into Ucchan, keeping the shop's
eponymous owner hopping from customer to customer. As she reached a
brief space when no-one's okonomiyaki was cooking, Ukyou closed her eyes
for a moment:

Ucchan sat with Ran-chan on her futon, with the moonlight
softly washing over them both. Ran-chan reached up and teased the
knot out of her ribbon, letting her hair fall free over her
shoulders. She ran her fingers through his hair, then gently
tugged his ponytail. He cupped her cheek, bringing his lips close
to hers...

The Nekohanten was, if possible, even busier; with customers shouting
orders, eating, entering and leaving and conversing at the top of their lungs.
Even with Mousse helping out(wearing his glasses, this time) it was a riot.
Shampoo took a brief respite to lean against the wall and close her eyes:

Ranma embraced her tightly and ran his hands through her hair.
She pulled back and kissed him full on the mouth. He ran his hands
over her back and buttocks, then reached for the neck of her tunic
and began unfastening it, kissing down her throat over the exposed

Kodachi poked the remains of her pork cutlet aroud her plate, her
appetite fled into the night. At the thought of "appetite" a wicked smile
crept over her face and her eyes drifted shut:

Ranma-sama was sitting on her bed, bare to the waist with his
arms tied behind him with white silk. Kodachi entered, barefoot in
a black silk kimono. She set up and turned on a trio of camcorders,
then turned and regarded her man with the air of someone about to
open a long-awaited present. Ranma-sama looked back at her with
a mixture of apprehension and anticipation. Kodachi knelt on the
bed, straddling his lap, and lowered her mouth to his...

Akane sat at the table, not really reading the manga she was staring
at. For once, the house was quiet, and the soft song of cicadas that
floated in from outdoors lulled her into a doze:

Ranma was just finishing off an enormous meal which he had, in
typical fashion, bolted down like a starving wolf. As he finished
bolting the last bowl of rice, he sat back with a satisfied sigh.
"Delicious," he pronounced, turning to look at her. "Akane, you win."

Ranma was dozing on a tree limb in the garden:

Ranma was just finishing off an enormous meal...

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