[Ranma][FanFic] Ryoga's Curse

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Jun 21, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/21/99
Ranma walked into Akane's room with a glass of hot water, and glared at

AKANE: what are you doing?

RANMA <talking to p-chan> : ryoga, i have kept this a secret long
enough for the sake of honor, because of my promise to you <still to
pchan but looking at Akane> which i made before you started sleeping
with Akane <looks back to pchan> but since then, i have learned
something about honor....

<Ranma pours water on pchan who becomes ryoga>

RANMA: ...You're one to talk.
hehe i couldnt get this one out of my head. insert it at your favorite
point in any fanfic and diverge from that point. it fits anywhere...

note: it was deliberate that i didn't capitalize ryoga in Ranma's
speech. part of the situation is that Ranma lost all respect for Ryoga,
and frankly, i dont like ryoga either.

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