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Cynthia Johnston

Feb 23, 1999, 3:00:00 AM2/23/99
>Snicker< Here's one that I just HAD to write...

Ranma took a deep breath. *Ahhh, another fine day,* he mused
idly, still laying on his futon. *Now for the 'training.'*

He quietly snuck down the stairs, and got the supplies for the
'training session' he had in mind. *Lesse, pit...check.
'Student'...check. Beef...oh yeah, plenty. Steel chains...good
thing Nabiki was able to deal with the navy yards. 'Trainers'...
definently ready.* He snuck back upstairs into his room.

*Okay, Pops,* he grinned to himself. *Now you get yours...*

Paws for Effect

A 1/2 hour Quickie
Centauress. Natch'.

Genma hung in the middle of the pit, cringing from the growls
and snarls around him. He struggled futily against the bands of
anchor chain around his arms and legs. "Son," he called up in a
rising panic, "what exactly are you doing?" The smell of the raw
meat lashed to his body by butcher string wafted up coyingly to his

"Well, Pops," the pigtailed girl answered, lowering him slowly
into the 'training area', "I thought that you should know _just_ how
I feel about the 'Cat-fist'." She released the rope, allowing him
to drop the last ten feet to the floor. "So I brought you a few
playmates to teach you the sister form."

The baldheaded man cringed as the wolves circled closer. "It's
called 'Dog-fist'." The young ladies voice reached him just as the
pack closed in.


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