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[Ranma/DC][FanFic] True Orgins

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Dire One

Aug 28, 2001, 11:33:56 PM8/28/01
Ranma 1/2: True Orgins

Come on, you know the drill, all characters represented here are the
property of their creators and not mine in anyway shape or form.
"Honest Officer I just borrowed the keys to take them for a testdrive."

True Orgins

Ranma quietly crept into the Tendo's guest room, listening carefully for
any hint that his father might be coming up to their room. Once inside, he
quickly made his way to the closet and began searching through his father's
backpack. "Damn Oyaji, breaking into my stash so he and Mr. Tendo can go
get drunk at the karaoke bar." Muttered Ranma under his breath.

Driving his hand deep into pack, he came upon a small hard case, much like
one you would get with a fancy pen. Pulling it out, Ranma began to examine
the case, it was surprisingly heavy, and covered in dark suede. Sitting
down on the futon, Ranma forced the catch open and pulled back the lid.
Peering into the case he saw a long thin piece of crystal, much like a rod
of quartz. Wondering where his Oyaji could have gotten such an object,
Ranma slowly reached in to pull out the crystal. As his hand wrapped around
the crystal, he was forced to stifle a cry of alarm, as an image appeared
before him of a man, with a strange symbol on his chest. As he recovered,
the image began to speak. "Greetings Kal-el, I am Jor-el, your true

There you go, my very first attempt, just a crazy little idea I had at work
yesterday. Anyway thanks for reading.


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