[Ranma/Titanic][FanFic] Akane Vs. The Iceberg

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Richard Robinson

Jan 23, 2000, 3:00:00 AM1/23/00

BLAM, then as Akane swung her Mighty Mega-Mallet (TM)
again, BLAM.

The Iceberg shivered and fell into a million pieces, each
headed away from the ship.

"Thank You" cried the captain and the crew.

"That thing was endangering the ship." the captain added.
" without your fearless help, the Titanic might have been
lost.! "

"Not a problem" replied Akane " Defending innocent people is
what all Martial Artists are supposed to do"

Authors notes: Sorry but I saw the this title and just couldn't

I hope Pippin Took will forgive me. I got the idea from the title of
a story of his titled Akane Vs. the Iceberg, a Ranma/Titanic fusion.
His was a lot longer and more serious. Mine, of course, is neither,
there is no other connection between the stories - other than the
setting, the good ship Titanic.

Rick Robinson

If violence is not solving your
problems you're just not using enough of it.


"I guess I'm just an old-fashioned sentimentalist at heart. I refuse
to accept a no-win scenario. I hate the thought of a universe without
justice. If the maneuverings of dark powers can't be exposed and
defeated by the pure of heart, then there's no point in anything. I
can't believe that."
-- Benjamin Hutchins

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