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Small Pink Mouse

Jul 26, 2001, 4:20:47 PM7/26/01

Akane, Nabiki, and Shampoo are all the property of Miss
Rumiko Takahashi and generally prefer it that way.

Language Lesson
by Small Pink Mouse

Akane stared in anger for a moment, "Shampoo, *why* did
you refer to my sister as 'Yakuza-girl?"

"Because Nabiki seem both angry and hurt when Shampoo refer
to her as 'Triad-girl'."

"Shampoo," said Akane, with an ominous gentleness, "Perhaps
you don't know what a Yakuza is."

It was Shampoo's turn to pause. "That may be true enough.
If Shampoo's ability to speak this language all she wish it to be
then Shampoo would not sound so much like apprentice to village
idiot in her own ears whenever she talk it. Perhaps pervert-girl
be kind enough to enlighten Shampoo?"

"The Yakuza are blackmailers,..."



Shampoo nodded agreeably.

"...extortionists, loansharks, and drugdealers..."

"Well, OK. As far as Shampoo know, Yakuza-girl not have
the chance to do that last one yet so Shampoo have to give
Yakuza-girl that one!"

"...And they're pimps and pornographers as well! The kind
of scum who would sell their own sisters. So Shampoo that is
why you must never ever refer to Nabiki as...", Akane paused,
the way people do sometimes when their minds catch up to what
their mouths are saying: Then she abruptly sat down and burst
into tears. Shampoo watched for a moment before she walked over
and began patting Akane on the back awkwardly.

"There, there! It all right. It not Akane fault that
Yakuza-girl is Yakuza-girl". But comfort from Shampoo was not
not what Akane wanted, and after a moment Shampoo shrugged and
walked away.

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