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[ranma][spamfic] The Blue Blunder of Furinkan High

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Jul 28, 2003, 12:17:29 AM7/28/03
The Blue Blunder of Furinkan High




Disclaimer: I claim dis, and dis, and dis. I don't want dat or de other.


"Saotome Ranma! For the last time have you besmirched the honour of Tendo
Akane and the Pig-Tailed Girl!" The speaker stood tall and poised in the
school courtyard, his sword drawn and raised in a classical kendo high
guard posture.
"On this day shall your sorcerous wiles be forever overcome and the
beauteous damsels rescued from your vile entrapment, for today I, Tatewaki
Kuno, age seventeen, rising star of the Kendo circuit, called the Blue
Thunder of Furinkan High, shall end your pitiful existence!"

As he ended his oration, lightning flashed in the clear sky and thunder
roared, as was normal on such occasions.

This was unfortunate.

Ukyou broke the silence. "I had wondered why he stuck with a bokken this
long. Do you think he's done this before?"

"Maybe." Ranma stepped closer to the smoking swordsman. "Anyone willing to
hope this blows some sense into him?"

Silence replied.

"Didn't think so, somehow. Say, look. The tip of his katana's all melted."


As you might guess, I had wondered...


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