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[Ranma][FanFic][Lime]Take Off My Clothes

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Mr Nuke999

Jan 29, 1999, 3:00:00 AM1/29/99

Ranma 1/2 created by Rumiko Takahashi and owned by whoever she sold it to.

Take Off My Clothes
By Andy Wennersten

"Sasuke, I'm going to visit my darling Ranma. I'll be back late,
so feed Mr. Green Turtle before you retire." Kodachi said as she left
for a romantic night with her love, whether he liked it or not.

A short while later, Kodachi returned. She had gone to the Tendo
Dojo to see Ranma, but found that wretched pigtailed girl instead. She
had contemplated fighting the woman who dared to try and come between her
and her love, but decided that it would be best to wait untill Ranma could
witness her victory for himself.

She planned on going straight to bed after returning home, being
slightly depressed over not being able to see her beloved. She was
surprised to find Sasuke in her room.

"Mistress Kodachi!" Sasuke said, equally surprised that Kodachi
would be back so soon.

Kodachi closed the door and locked it. She turned back to Sasuke
and smiled.

"Sasuke, take off my dress." she ordered.

"Yes, Mistress." he said, and did so carefully.

"Sasuke, take off my stockings and garter." she ordered.

"Yes, Mistress." he said as he obeyed.

"Sasuke, remove my bra and panties." she ordered.

Sweat beaded on Sasuke's forehead as he complied.

Finally, Kodachi looked at him and said, "Sasuke, if I ever catch
you wearing my clothes again, you're fired.


Someone sent me a joke like this about a rich woman's butler who was
wearing her clothes, and I thought it would make a funny Ranma 1/2 fic.
It was Stoner's idea to use Sasuke and Kodachi. I was going to use Kasumi
and Ranma-kun.

Send questions, comments, suggestions, etc., to Avoid
flames though, because they will only encourage me.

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