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Ed Becerra

Jul 13, 1998, 3:00:00 AM7/13/98

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Otaku No Microsoft!


By: Ed Becerra and Anand Rao

It had taken every cent he'd managed to scrimp and save over the years.
Some had been spent on bribing the proper officials, some on buying the
false documentation he knew he'd need in order to return home.

There were more mundane expenses as well. Plane tickets, hotel rooms, a
long train ride that was the only way to reach the utterly remote area he'd
been seeking for so very long.

Even, foolish as it sounded, the purchase of a riding mule to make it
those last few miles. The Bayankala region of Quinhai province wasn't easy
to travel through, especially on foot.

He reached his goal, however. Nothing had been able to stop him. Soon,
all the power of the world would be his to control.

He pulled out a rumpled newspaper article from his shirt pocket.
'Microsoft loses anti-trust Suit' was written boldly as the headline. "Gates
Missing, Feared Dead."

"Poor sorry bastard, hard to believe it came to this," he thought aloud.

He turned to the Guide. "Which one?"

"That pool you seek, Mr. Guest, But you no go near! Very dangerous! You-"

He knocked the Guide aside with a strong arm, and leapt into the pool
like a man embracing a long-lost lover.

"Ooooh, no, Mr. Customer! That zhangdandamen-niichuan! Very tragic story
of Microsoft founder who go crazy and drown there last month! Very bad you
fall in spring!"

The man crawled from the pool spitting up water. "I know. Very bad for
the world. They mocked me, rejected me. Called me an otaku. Now, they shall
know the horror of.. Windows 2001!"

The End

Ed Becerra

Anand Rao

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