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[Ranma][FanFic] Kunou Wipes Nerima Off the Map!

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Ana Maria Wagner

Jul 23, 2001, 9:38:07 AM7/23/01

Kunou Wipes Nerima Off the Map!

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Don't Call Me Pigtailed Girl!!!

By Gendou Knepper
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Kunou Tatewaki was having a bad day. First of all, that
foul sorceror, Saotome Ranma, had defeated him in combat,
obviously using his arcane abilities to dishonorably gain
the upper hand. Then, under a spell from the sorceror,
the fair Tendou Akane had rebuffed his attentions. Then,
to top it off, the mercenary Tendou Nabiki had called in
a debt he had not counted on paying, so he was now walking
to the bank to retrieve some funds.

It had not been a good day.

But all that changed when he saw her ahead of him. He
called to her. "Pigtailed girl! Come to me, I would date
with thee!"

She turned to him, love sparkling in her beautiful eyes.

Kunou sighed, rushing forward to be with her.
"Ah, my sweet, together we shall make sweet music!"

Coyly, she batted his hands away. "What the hell are you
going on about? Get away from me!"

Proving his love, he forged on ahead heedlessly. "My
inspiration! I shall have thee now!"


Odd -- the pigtailed girl seemed much ... smaller than
before ... and what was she saying?
"Black beyond twilight, red beyond the flow of blood ... "


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Whew ... ok, that was odd ...

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