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Dec 11, 2000, 12:03:53 AM12/11/00
Ranma the Addict
A Ranma 1/2 Fanfic by Mike Counts

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, intellectual property
in this fic. These are the copyrights of their respective owners, and
no infringement is intended.

"Can I have another one, Ucchan?" questioned Ranma.

"Sure you can, Ran-chan. And here's some of the special ingredient
you like, too," smiled Ukyo.

"It's great that we're married so happily, Ucchan," coughed Ranma.

"Yes, so...happy," Ucchan smiled wanly.


Ukyo was happy that Ranma was coming in for okonomiyaki so often, but
something was strange. Instead of the normal five or six Japanese
pizzas, he'd often order ten or eleven.

"Okonomiyaki coming up, Ran-chan!" said Ucchan, flipping one on the

"Great! Hold on a sec...there! This special ingredient makes it
even better," said Ranma, spreading a white powder into the still
cooking pizza.

"Uh, what is it?" Ukyo questioned.

"Just a little something Nabiki buys for me," grinned Ranma, eagerly
waiting for the okonomiyaki to finish cooking.


"Let's eat one together, Ucchan," suggested an ebullient Ranma.

"Uh...okay, dear. If you say so," replied Ukyo.

The two lovers ate three of the 'special' okonomiyaki together,
stopping in between for quick, and awkward kisses.

"That...that was great, Ran-chan," gasped Ukyo.

"I'll be back tomorrow...for more," said Ranma.

"But we're married...you live here now," protested Ukyo.

"Oh, yeah."

The newlyweds just sat and stared, enjoying their high...

Author's Notes:
C&C to fra...@yahoo.com.

This would be my Ranma/Ukyo fic, in contrast to my Ranma/Akane fic.

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