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Rob Ketcherside

May 16, 1993, 8:16:30 PM5/16/93
Hello, all. hope I don't annoy anyone by posting this GR fanfic I just
finished writing. If it seems like it is just leading into something
greater, it's because I plan to write at least a few more. Any feedback
woudl be appreciated. If you like the story but don't know anything about
Galaxy Rangers, e-mail me for more info.


"In 2086, two peaceful aliens journeyed to Earth, seeking our help. In
exchange, they gave us the plans for our first hyperdrive, allowing mankind
to open the door to the stars. We have assembled a team of unique
individuals to protect the Earth and its allies: Courageous pioneers
committed to the highest ideals of justice, and dedicated to preserving law
and order acrossed the new frontier. These are the adventures of the Galaxy

"Into these worlds of unknown danger they ride.
"They're the Galaxy Rangers; live in the sky."
"No guts no glory... oh taking a stand..
"Ready to prove it again"

A Heroes' Welcome------------------------------------------

"I wonder what Commander Walsh has in store for us this time?" Niko
said, as she and Goose walked down a corridor in Beta Mountain towards
Walsh's assigned meeting place.

"I don't know, but whatever it is, he seemed pretty anxious earlier."
Goose responded, running his hand through his blond hair.

"Yeah, I guess we will find out soon enough." she supplied. After a
moment of awkward silence (for her, at any rate), she asked, "Shane, I
need to put in some time at the Zero-G training center.. do you think
you'll be free after the this to come with me?"

Goose, noticing a waver in her voice, replied "Sure, Niko. I'd be happy

"Good" Niko smiled sidelong at Goose as they rounded the last corner.

Opening the door to Q-Ball's main facility, Ranger Niko suddenly
remembered the first time she entered this door.. the strange bits of half
memory on the operating table.. and waking up some time later, with the
Series 5 implant, its wonderful enhancing abilities, and the friends she
had gained since then.. including the handsome, apparantly blind man who
stood next to her.. perhaps today she would say something..

Commander Walsh greeted them as they entered the door, "Niko, Gooseman,
I'm sure you're wondering why I asked you to stop by this afternoon." As
he said this, three people entered the room from a now seldom used door,
causing Niko and Goose's eyes to open wide. "I'm sure the both of you
remember your own trips beyond that door, and the implications of these
three leaving it. I'd like the two of you to meet Eris Collier, Cedric
Kohl, and Shannon McNall... our three newest carriers of the Series 5
implants. Eris, Kohl, McNall, you must already be familiar with Rangers
Niko and Gooseman, half of our already existing team."

Niko, still in shock, looked over the three new Series 5s, noting that
they seemed a bit out of sorts.. Ranger Kohl was fairly tall, and
although not overwhelmingly so, was in obviously good physical condition,
like all Rangers. His long black hair was a bit out of place, with the
overwhelming majority of male Rangers having short hair, not only because
it had come back into style in the 80s, but because long hair was looked
down upon by the military in general. Looking at Eris, Niko almost felt
sick. This woman was beautiful! A quick eye to Goose confirmed that he was
appreciating this fact a bit too much. Eris had slightly curled, shoulder
length brown hair, a warm smile, and a body that caused Niko, normally
very sure of herself, to become a bit self-conscious. Eris' full eyelashes
were batting quite often as she obviously tried to take in her feeling of
power. Shannon was noticibly less attractive. Not necessarilly
unattractive, she simply seemed to not care about appearance as much as
Niko or Eris, or at least not have a natural ability to make herself look
better. She stood a little shorter than Eris, and had short brown hair.
Having never heard of these three as having special abilities of any sort,
Niko wondered what abilities they had that warranted the implants.

Seeming to read her mind, Q-Ball began explaining the situation.

"As you know, when we gave you guys your implants, it was to augment
abnormal abilities that you already have. Well, I've always thought 'What
would have happened if we gave the implant to a "regular" person?'.. and
the Federation just gave us the go ahead to continue the Sereies 5
program. We've installed the implants in the three rangers standing
before you, and we have more on the table as we speak. After some
testing, we'll be able to determine what Eris, Shannon, and Cedric's
powers are, but as yet, we haven't a clue. We suspect that it will feed
off of their major attributes, and Cedric, being a mathemetician, may be
able to calculate at extreme rates of speed, possibly faster than any
known computer. Shannon, with her background as a physicist, may be able
to manipulate matter, or bend the laws of physics. As for Eris, a
communications specialist, we hope she will be able to either talk with
any manner of creature, or possibly be telepathic.. but we really have no
idea. [to the three] We've set up a special lab for you to test your new
implants.. so, if you'll indulge us?"

They had all moved to a room that, for one wall, had a large, thick
window. It overlooked a training center, and various objects had been set
up around the room. As Q-ball talked, he had been powering up a stasis
field around the room.

"Cedric, why don't you go in first?" suggested Commander Walsh.

Cedric nodded and went down the stairs into the chamber. As he reached
the middle, Q-ball put the protective statis field at maximum. Glancing
over to Goose he said, "We really don't know what will happen. Be ready
with your implant to go in there."

"Alright, let's do it," said Walsh.

Ranger Cedric Kohl set his feet apart, and leaned his head back. Taking
in a deep breath and firmly shutting his eyes, he slowly brought his right
hand up to his badge on the left side of his chest. He could sense a
warmth over his entire body as the charge took control, and there was a
glowing light over his eyes. And then it was over, and nothing had
happened.. he looked around, but nothing had changed at all. Looking up
to the window, he said "Commander Walsh, it appears that nothing has
happened." But there was no response. "Sir?" With a quizzical look he
headed back up the stairs. At the top he waited for Q-Ball to take down
the shield, but nothing happend. As he used the emergency control to turn
off the statis field form the inside, he noticed la ow roar that was
gathering in volume form the viewing room. He punched in the code, and
pulled the lever, but the door didn't open, although he could see the
field retreating. And then he thought 'Wait.. I can >see< the field?
This thing is moving at light speed, and there is no way I should be able
to see it.' And then he noticed the door had opened a crack. 'What in
the name of Killian? Something seems unnatural.' He went back down to
the floor of the training room, and looked back up at Commander Walsh and
the others in the window. They were all there, but they were just
standing still. The dull roar had ended form the viewing room, but now,
from somewhere in the walls, another roar was beginning, and he could see
that the red emergency lights were lit. Cedric went back up to the door,
and found that it had opened far enough for him to squeeze through. He
entered the viewing room, and just after he had gotten through the door he
saw the statis field going up again. He looked around, and just as
before, everyone was standing motionless. .. Or almost. He saw that Eris
had a look of terror on her face, and Q-Ball and Commander Fox were
obviously shocked. Shannon had her brow furrowed, in possible
concentration. It seemed that Niko was in the process of grabbing Goose's
right arm, and Goose had his left arm half raised. But, after looking at
Goose for a few seconds, he could almost see Goose moving. And looking
back at Eris he saw her eyes closed, where he could have sworn she had
them open before.

And then he realized his stupidity and hit his badge again. As before,
he was surrounded by a warm feeling, but unlike before when the warmth
seemed to almost eminate from him, this time it seemed to be drawing back.

As the warmth went away completely, suddenly everyone else was moving
normally again.

"Kohl!! What happened to you!" yelled Commander Walsh.

Standing dumbly, Cedric almost didn't notice Eris run over and hug him.
"Co-commander, I don't know if I can answer that."

"How did you get in the viewing room?" demanded Gooseman.

"Wonderful! He must be able to teleport, with a slight delay! He was
down in the training room, and then a few seconds later he appears up
here! Strange that it drained off the statis field, though." exclaimed
Q-Ball, his mind already hard at work solving the problems of physics

"No, Q, I don't think so. After I hit the badge, I still felt normal,
but everything else seemed to be moving slowly. I had to wait for the
door to open, and when I entered the room, you were all standing almost
still, but just moving."

Just then five security men burst into the room from the corridor,
"Commander, what is the emergency??"

Commander Walsh looked up at the lights, "Sorry, I forgot I hit the
alarm just after Cedric disappeared." Hitting the button again, he said
"Don't worry, there's no emergency."

On cue, Cedric collapsed into Eris' arms, and she supplied "But maybe we
should get him checked?"

Cedric had been taken off to the medical lab, and Eris stood in the
training room, wondering if he was alright, and contemplating what she was
about to do.. she really had no idea what would happen when she pressed
the badge at her waist.. or even if it would be significant enough to
warrant her being part of the team wtih Zachary, Niko, and the others..
and obviously Cedric, with his time-powers. Ah well.. only one way to
find out. And if it caused her death, well, at least then all of the
questions that had plagued her about the afterlife would be answered..
And so, she, too, prepared to test her abilities. The shield had been
raised, locking her in, should anything go wrong. Her legs, unlike
Cedric, were together, and as she held her left arm out she bent her knees
away to the left, and turned her head to the side.. and she touched her
badge with her right hand...

A warm sensation passed over her, starting in her head and working down
to her feet. A glow seemed to be infront of her eyes, and then she was
floating. She was in the same position as before, but she was somehow
floating, and everything seemed different. And then she had a second
perception, much dimmer than her first, of fallling. And yet she remained
standing. And then she noticed what was different.. There was no noise,
no smell, no feeling.. only sight. She tried to walk around, but noticed
that as she thought of moving forward, she simply floated forward. At
this pont, the red emergency lights had begun flashing, and Goose was
runing down the stairs, the stasis field reenergizing behind him. He ran
up and >through< her, crouching down behind her. She looked back at him,
and he was crouched >over< her body, while she looked on from above.
Suddenly, it hit her: she must be doing something like astral projecting!
Goose looked back at the window and yelled something in obvious anxiety.
She tried to comfort him, but she couldnt' say anything. About to return
to her body, she had a notion: 'Why don't I check in on Cedric?', and
willed herself from the training room to the Med Center. As she got
further away, she noticed a definite resistance, a pull back towards her
body. She made it rather quickly to the Med Center, and saw Cedric on a
comfortable table being looked over by a too-comfortable nurse. A bit
miffed, Eris made the will as of punching the Nurse, and as her hand
passed through the nurse's head, her eyes rolled up and she fell over. A
bit worried about what she had done, Eris moved over closer to Cedric,
nonetheless. She made as if to gently carress his cheek, but her hand
passed barely into his skin, and suddenly she could feel a warmth passing
through her hand to and from him, causing his eyelids to flittere a bit.
Glancing at the nurse, Eris had second thoughts, and returned quickly to
her body.. which was now being carried quickly to the Med Center itself.
Not knowing quite what to do, she touched her spiritual badge and willed a

Suddenly sound and smell and taste and touch all returned in a rush. A
bit disoriented, she was still able to say "Wait, I'm fine!"

Goose, who had been carrying her to the Med Center, stopped and set her
on her feet, holding her shoulder to support her as she got used to reality.

The rest of the group, who had been following the faster Gooseman,
caught up quickly.

"If I may quote myself, 'What hapened to you'?" Commander Walsh demanded.

"Yes, you were dead!" exclaimed Q-ball.

"I astral projected" said Eris, with a smug look on her face.

"You what?!" Niko said, obviously a bit jealous.

"I astral projected" repeated Eris.

"What in the name of Laura does that have to do with Communications?"
inquired Q-Ball, obviously unsure what was going on.

"I dont know, Q-Ball, but I've always been extremely interested in death
and what happens after it, and many aspects of the occult, astral
projecting included."

"Well, let's get back to the training room, and see what suprises
Shannon has for us, eh?" suggested Walsh."

Ranger Shannon McNall lightly went down the steps to the traning room,
the statis shield powering up to full strength behind her. Q and the
Commander had questioned her about any hobbies they should know about, but
she had replied that to get where she was, she had had to devote her time
to physics, but she hadn't just studied hard because she had to... she
loved physics, and all its aspects (especially the now-disregarded
potentials of Nuclear Physics). Having watched the other two be over
dramatic and draw out there tests, she simply walked to the center of the
room and pressed her badge on her waist.

A warmth passed over her body, and a glow formed in front of her eyes
for a moment. As the charge took over, she felt control over all around
her. She could almost feel power riplling forth from her. Adn she could
almost sense every molecule around her. She narrowed her focus on a space
of air, and began to survey it more closely, as her eyes suddenly could
see on the atomic level.

"Shannon, what's going on down there?" she heard Commander Walsh say
over the intercom.

"Commander, I feel as if I have complete control of all around me. I
thought I could sense the molecules, and can now actually see on an atomic

Q-ball's jaw dropped, and everyone in the room's eyes increased
dramatically in size.

"I wonder..." said Ranger Shannon McNall, thinking back to the days of
nuclear reactors. "All that energy, stored in one tiny atom.."

BETA Mountain shook.

In the training room, the stasis field was flickering, every bit of matter
within its boundaries now gone. The window had shattered, and Commander
Walsh and Q-Ball had somehow gotten down under the control panel. Goose
had metamorphed and was covering Niko. Eris had luckily left earlier to be
with Cedric. The Commander was the first one to rise.

"My god!! What happened to Shannon?" he demanded of someone.

Q-ball, too, had arisen. "Everything in the room is gone! Her with
it.. maybe she teleported?" he suggested, although he had already tried
this thought.

Goose changed back to normal. "Commander Walsh, I think she split an atom."

"My god..." repeated Commander Walsh

The birds returned to their nests on BETA mountain, the rivers flowed down
its side. On a far coast, the ocean lapped on the pebbly beach.
Somewhere on Earth children were born.. and on Kirwin.. and on Tortuna..
but in the darks of BETA mountain, a Ranger fell. A human overstepped an
already wavering line. And the others tried to move on.


"Somewhere in the future, far away from here.
"Trouble is waiting, on the last frontier.
"Into these worlds of unknown dangers they ride.
"They're the Galaxy Rangers, live in the sky!
"No guts no glory... oh, taking a stand!
"Ready to do it again"


Written by Robert Ketcherside
Finished 5/16/93

Dedicated to all of the Galaxy Ranger fans on the Net, Tara
'specially ^_)

-Robert Ketcherside President, AIYA! Animation Club Ent. Coordinator, WWU Scifi Club
-AKA HunterD on IRC (#anime!) Personally wet himself at the
-Please contact for tape trading. Con War

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