Newts and giraffes

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Morgan Mussell

Sep 15, 1995, 3:00:00 AM9/15/95
This item reprinted without permission from _The Sacramento Bee_, Fri 9/15/95,
page A2:

Newts and giraffes

Recall for a moment the remark by House Speaker Newt Gingrich about men
being "biologically driven to hunt giraffes." Hunting enthusiast Richard
Grayson, self-described conservationist and founder of the Giraffe Hunters of
America Political Action Committe, agrees.

Grayson told _Roll Call_ magazine that he intends to use the PAC to lobby
for the importation of giraffes to the United States so that "men can satisfy
their natural biologic instincts without going to Africa."

Grayson said his PAC's constituency is "normal American men who hunt
giraffe. It's hard to hunt in the US. You'd have to go to the San Diego Zoo if
you wanted to shoot a giraffe."

I kept reading this over, looking for some hint that it was a spoof (one
can almost see Monty Python: Giraffes vs. The Spanish Inquisition), but alas,
it looks like it's intended to be taken seriously...

Morgan Mussell | "Until we stop harming all living beings, we | are still savages."
-- Thomas A. Edison

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