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Feb 11, 2009, 4:34:55 PM2/11/09
to Rebetika
There is a wide opinion about the Smyrnaika or Mikrasiatika song
texts, claiming that they are too simple, rather naïve and missing
poetic values…

I choosed a Panagiotis Tounda’s song, believing that the verses touch
deeply in one’s heart.

Μάγισσα κακιά (1930) (Π. Τούντας), Κώστας Μασσέλος- Νούρος

Μού΄δωσες την καρδούλα σου νά΄χω γιά περιβόλι,
μου χάρισες τη νιότη σου, αχ, νά ειναι δική μου όλη.

Περιβολάρη μ΄έκαμες εσύ στα κάλλη τα δικά σου
και με το δάκρυ ο άμοιρος αχ, βρε μάγισσα κακιά,
και με το δάκρυ πότιζα εγώ την ομορφιά σου.

Γιατί λοιπόν, αχάριστη, μου πήρες πιά τη χάρη,
και σταύρωσα τα κάλλη σου (;), άλλαξες περβολάρη.

Τώρα με τα γινάτια σου, μού΄καψες την καρδιά μου
και κάρβουνο την έκαμες, αχ, μέσα στα σωθικά μου.
Σκίσε λοιπόν το στήθος μου εσύ, και πάρε τα κομμάτια,
πάρ΄την καρδιά μου, άπονη, αχ, βρε μάγισσα κακιά,
πάρ΄την αγάπη, σπάστηνε στα δυό σου πλάνα μάτια

Και όσο αίμα χύνεται απ’ της καρδιάς τα φύλλα,
πάρτο να βάψεις, μάγισσα, τα ψεύτικά σου χείλια.


Feb 12, 2009, 9:07:29 AM2/12/09

I'm with you, man!  These are wonderful lyrics!
But then again, I am an incurable romantic!


Feb 12, 2009, 12:10:40 PM2/12/09
to Rebetika
Hi Akritas,

Thanks for your comment.
The lyrics I’ve published are not romantic, according to my opinion.
They are just true and sincere. That’s why the last years I love more
Mikrasiatika and Mikrasiates towards Pireotiko and their successors.
I’ve played here and there the Pireotiko and the “tough” songs for, at
least, two decades. I was always looking, while we were playing, at
the faces of my friends when they were singing lyrics containing
critical things towards women. There was mostly an atmosphere of self
selected high mood which reminded me of Herodotus Golden Gender of Men
where there were only men existed. I did not join the whole thing but
I loved my friends and understood them. They carried something else
deep in their hearts but did not dare to articulate it.
One day I got tired of the whole thing…

When I listen e.g. to Nouros and the verses he sung (though I know he
was homosexual), I feel that this is the right way to sing songs
talking about women. To sing your sorrow, your pain and your love to
them. I don’t mind how women get it, if they understand or exploit it.
I feel that by doing that I’m coming closer to myself and that makes
me feel strong instead of getting out my feelings in the air. In other
words I feel free from the “fear” which TIFFANY cannot still
understand when she says “where does the fear come into play?”

I’m glad you liked the lyrics.


Feb 12, 2009, 12:40:19 PM2/12/09
Well said.... perhaps "romantic" was not the right word but I didn't mean it in the Hallmark cards, mushy-sweet stuff...
I meant exactly what you said:
"To sing your sorrow, your pain and your love to
them. I don’t mind how women get it, if they understand or exploit it.
I feel that by doing that I’m coming closer to myself and that makes
me feel strong instead of getting out my feelings in the air. In other
words I feel free from the “fear” "
And most men are scared to hell of that, and even more scared to admit it!
On a lighter note, it reminds me of the movie Moonstruck, where the anguished Nicholas Cage character says :  "But love don't make things nice, it ruins everything, it breaks your heart, it makes things a mess."
That's romantic to me - real passion - the real thing - messy and painful - not the sugar-coated Valentine's Day greeting card stuff....
Where can we hear this song?  Can you post it somehow?
Na' sai kala! 




Feb 12, 2009, 1:12:45 PM2/12/09
to Rebetika
Ι'll download it during the coming minutes in elkibra- Untill thατ look at a fantastic pianist and a
real man taking out his heart while singing passionate lyrics.

Go to Υoutube and search for (Bebo & Cigala - Lágrimas Negras)


Sep 26, 2014, 11:20:44 AM9/26/14
And for the non-greek speakers??? Please help!

Νίκος Πολίτης

Oct 5, 2014, 8:41:53 AM10/5/14

I agree, Kosta, wonderful verse. Here is another one of Toundas, also wonderful in its tragicness. Cocainopotis:

Πού είν΄ εκείνα μου τα κάλλη, πού είν΄ η τόση μου εμορφιά;

Στην Αθήνα δεν είχε άλλη, τέτοια λεβεντιά.

Είμουν κούκλα,ναι, στ' αλήθεια! Με μεγάλη αρχοντιά.

Δεν σας λέγω παραμύθια, τρέλανα ντουνιά.

Μα μ' έμπλεξε ένας μόρτης, αχ, ένας μάγκας πρώτης.

Μου πήρε ότι είχα και μ' αφήνει...

Μου πήρε την καρδιά μου, τα νειάτα, τα λεφτά μου

κι απ' τον καημό φουμάρω κοκαΐνη.

Μ' αγαπούσαν αφεντάδες, νέοι, γέροι και παιδιά,

κι όλοι οι πρώτοι κουβαρντάδες μεσ' στην αγορά.

Αχ, τι όμορφα περνούσα, με τραγούδια και κρασί

Κάθε μερα εγλεντούσα! Τι ζωή χρυσή!

Και τώρα η καημένη γυρνάω μαραμένη

γιατί ο σεβντάς του μάγκα δεν μ' αφήνει.

Με τρέλλανε ο μόρτης, ο κοκαϊνοπότης,

γιαυτό κι εγώ φουμάρω κοκαΐνη.

Where has my earlier beauty gone? In the whole city of Athens there was no other girl to stand up to my rank... Really, I was a doll of highest nobility. I am not telling myths, a whole world of men I had driven mad.

But then a mortis, a first rank mangas came along. All I posessed he has taken away. He stole my heart, my youth, my money, then away he went and left me alone, so I take cocaine to ease my pain.

Wealthy, well standing people have loved me, be it young or mature, the best money spenders in the market. What a marvelous life I had, with songs and wine. Every day there was high times. Golden life.

But now, poor me, I wander around like faded out. Yet, my desire for him won't go. He has driven me mad the mortis, the cocaine addict. That is why I take cocaine.

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