Looking for RB developer in South West UK or South East UK areas

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May 24, 2013, 6:50:39 AM5/24/13
to realstudio...@googlegroups.com

We are looking for a RB developer ideally in the South West UK or South East UK.
This could be on a full time basis or freelenace.

We have several RB projects that need to be developed further and maintained.

One app is a console app which is finance orientated
The app primarily uses mssql database connections via odbc and connections to google web services via soap and web restful services.

The other is a desktop application that is a production tool for magazine publishing.
This app uses drag and drop, graphics rendering, pdf processing ( via mbs plugins ), and a lot of applescript to control InDesign.

If you are interested them please let me know and I will send you more detailed information.



Douglas Neale

May 24, 2013, 4:10:32 PM5/24/13
to realstudio...@googlegroups.com
Hi Alex,

I'm too old to have a go at this but would have given my eye teeth to
have done so when I first retired some 17 years ago after a lifetime in
the printing industry first as a programmer with Linotype and finally as
Technical Director of a newspaper group.

The reason I'm replying is that spec implies the use of InDesign with
Applescript and if possible I would recommend a rethink for a number of

1) Using Javascript would give more functionality, cross platform usage
and exposure to a wider pool of programmers.

2) If you go for a proper 'plugin' at a later stage it will be easier to
integrate earlier work as the object definitions overlap much more.

3) There is a small but finite chance that Apple are 'cooling off' with
regard to Applescript.

Hope you don't mind my 2p!
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Doug Neale
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