Psychological search for the Battle of Watling Street

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Timothy Takemoto

Mar 4, 2022, 2:06:43 AM3/4/22
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Dear Psychohistorians

It seems to me that I may have found the site of the battle of Wattling Street, between the Romans and Boudica in AD43. It was mainly by chance but some things lined up.

I teach tourism, culture and social-psychology, with some psychoanalytic theory thrown in. It was partly social-psychological considerations that made it clear to me that the speech by the Roman general immediate prior to the battle, indicated that they were waiting at a rendezvous point.

The geography of the terrain, the toponymy of the place names, and the presence of subsoil ditches, revealed by crop marks, also suggest a site at the intersection of two roads.

I don't suppose it would be appropriate to submit a short paper of about 2000 words to your journal on this topic? It does not seem appropriate to me but, I can't think of a journal.

My observations can be backed up with social psychology, but lacking a psychoanalytic angle.

I might be able to add some. One of Freud's theories that I have always struggled with is that of the primal horde of brothers, by killing and consuming a father, resulted in the internalization of the incest forbidding principle of that father.

The result of the horror that was Watling street, however, seems to run parallel with Freud's theory. It was precipitated by a rape -- the Roman's raped Boudica's daughters causing her to start the uprising in revenge. And the resultant horror -- 80 thousand Britons killed by an advancing Roman Phalanx -- as their wives and children watched, may have been the start of Roman style male dominance in the UK. The war resulted in the death and burial of Boudica in person, but also perhaps the burial of Boudica within the minds of the vanquished, kept in place by fear of the father.

My obsession with finding buried goddesses is more psycholanyseable than the history of the battle.


Timothy Takemoto
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