the psychological and cultural impact of vision

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Allan Hytowitz

Jan 19, 2019, 7:59:57 PM1/19/19
Dear Group Members,

I need your assistance. 

I am trying to verify if the color vision physiology of how you see affects your psychological interpretation as to your approach to authoritarianism and social hierarchies.

I have an improved method of measuring visual acuity which uses the strobic effect of a spinning segmented ring as a visual target (optotype).  We call the visual target a Dyop, as in a dynamic optotype.

We discovered that a Dyop is up to ten times as precise and up to six times less variant than using letter-based (e.g., Snellen) optotypes for acuity and refractions.

We also have been able to measure disparities in color perception with a Dyop due to differences in the ratio of the red to green photoreceptors.  We use the red, green, and blue colored photoreceptors to regulate acuity.  However, individuals who "see color" don't necessarily all see colors with the same intensity or with the same acuity endpoint for those colors, even though they may have the identical "black/white" acuity.

We discovered that the biggest color/contrast disparity for dyslexics and non-dyslexics as to the acuity endpoint (the smallest arc width diameter where a segmented Dyop ring can be detected as spinning) is for a spinning Blue-on-Black ring versus a Green-on-White ring.  A dyslexic will preferentially see the Blue-on-Black spinning Dyop when they both get sufficiently smaller or further away, while a NON-dyslexic will preferentially see the Green-on-White spinning Dyop when they both get sufficiently smaller or further away.

You can take the free online test yourself.  It is freely available for research purposes.

The theory is that individuals who preferentially see the smaller Green-on-White spinning Dyop ring (versus an identical diameter Blue-on-Black spinning ring) is because those individuals have a ratio of 50% Red photoreceptors and 45% Green photoreceptors.   Individuals who preferentially see a smaller Blue-on-Black spinning Dyop ring (versus an identical diameter Green-on-White spinning ring) have a ratio of 75% Red photoreceptors and 20% Green photoreceptors.

The result of the disparity is that individuals with a higher Red ratio (75% Red and 20% Green) have a more stable distance vision and less stable near vision (less than 5 feet).

Individuals with a more balanced Red ratio (50% Red and 45% Green) have a more stable near vision (less than 5 feet).  

The less stable near vision is associated with dyslexia due to the visual stress of trying to fixate and identify the letter-based words.  The near vision stress is also likely associated with acting as a visual catalyst for migraines and epilepsy.

However, the significance of the dyslexia/non-dyslexia color perception disparity is that I also noticed in a PRE-2016 Presidential Election survey that about 80% (13 out of 15) of the Trump supporters have dyslexia (using my test as an indicator).

About 33% (8 out of 25) of the Clinton supporter tested positive for potential symptoms of dyslexia per my test.

In subsequently talking to individuals who have dyslexia about their childhoods, all of the dyslexic Trump supporters I personally know had abused/neglected childhoods with very authoritarian parents.  The non-Trump supporting dyslexics I personally know had loving and non-authoritarian childhood.

This conforms to the Psychohistory approach that an authoritarian childhood will lead to a person being an authoritarian adult, but also suggests that dyslexia may make a person more susceptible to abusive authoritarianism.

It also seems to correlate to authoritarian cultures typical of Asia, Latin America, and Native Africa.  Those cultures developed pictographic words rather than European developed letter-base words, and their gene pools have a higher ratio of red photoreceptors.  

If there is anyone in the Group interested in being able to validate or INVALIDATE my thesis, please let me know.  The vision tests are freely available and there are multiple sources for tests of a preference for authoritarianism.

Again, the critical factor as to being a Trump supporter is NOT being a dyslexic or being authoritarian, but being an abusive authoritarian or tolerating an abusive authoritarian..

Thank you.

Allan Hytowitz
5035 Morton Ferry Circle
Johns Creek, GA 30022

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