Hide road name, Kurt road machine integration

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Gmaps Gaier

Mar 21, 2012, 9:38:58 AM3/21/12
to real-...@googlegroups.com
(Posting in behalf of a user of Real Indoor)

Hello, Thank you VERY much for taking the time to build and continually improve this web application! 

So far this year, I have ridden my indoor trainer 15 times, a total of 28 hours, traveling over 760km - all around the virtual world - all thanks to realindoor.com. :-) 

One question: is it possible to hide the "<>" and road name label shown on the road? A hot-key to enable/disable this would be nice 

Also a more complicated question, if you don't have time don't worry! :) I am interested in the new spin bike integration... I read the documentation (the Anchor) but do not fully understand - sorry! :( My indoor trainer is the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine. http://www.kurtkinetic.com/road-machine-p-198-l-en.html I also use a Garmin Edge 500 bike computer which includes a speed + cadence sensor. Kurt provide a formula for estimated power based on the speed (e.g. miles/h) see http://www.kurtkinetic.com/powercurve.php Power = (5.244820) * Speed + (0.01968) * (Speed)^3 Typically I ride at at average speed of 27-28km/h... 

The estimated power using Kurt's formula -- after converting my speed to miles/h -- matches what I get when I use a real power meter (PowerTap). Approximately 190 watts. When I use realindoor.com, I usually enter 190 watts (working hard) or less (rest day) so that the speed in your information window roughly matches the speed on my bike computer when I am on a flat section of road. 

When I go up a hill in realindoor.com, I switch my bike to a harder gear - since I cannot adjust the resistance of the trainer on the fly. Is there some way that I can use your spin-bike feature? Is there a better way that I should use your site to get the most out of it? Perhaps if there was a way to enter your gearing, the site could either suggest what gear to be in to properly simulate the grade? Or alternatively a way for the user to tell realindoor.com that they have switched gears. See this site for a good gear calculator: http://www.sheldonbrown.com/gears/ Anyway, thank you again for all your hard work! 

Gmaps Gaier

Mar 21, 2012, 9:41:33 AM3/21/12
to real-...@googlegroups.com
Thank you very much for your post!

There is now a configuration option to remove the links in streetview - the settings will be stored on your computer. You just have to reload the page to activate it.

Regards the integration of the Kurt machines I have configured them in the spin bike section and also introduced the concept of gears.
This is enabled when you select one of the Kurts. When you are driving you see the effects in the info window just like with the other spin bikes. 

Yet there is no calculation of the gears as this seems to quite complicated and i did not fully see the way how to implement this with all the wheel, crank, chain ring, ... options you mentioned. Right now the gear is adjusted by selecting a main gear and the increase depending on the slope.

Please check it out if it makes sense and what you see could be changed - I am interested in further comments and input to improve the features.

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