Remote control for footpath lighting? Alternatives?

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Alec Muffett

May 31, 2022, 5:14:31 AMMay 31
Hi All,

I have a house, surrounded by a few (6?) meters of lawn, and then a simple gate to a footpath which is nearly 40m long and which runs up to the road. The path needs lighting for safety.

I'm not yet in a position to run mains power across the lawn out to the path (requires electrician, etc) - and in any case I don't want to run lights unless a human needs them, because light pollution and I like the stars.

I bought some cheap little plastic fencepost-mounted solar-charged motion-sensing lights from Amazon, which worked well but were dim and only lasted a couple of winters before mostly disintegrating from the weather.

Now I am wondering about mounting a spotlight on the house, and pointing it up the (straight) path. The problem is switching it on, and (automatically) off, especially from the "far end" by the road (vandals, teenagers, birdpoop, rain, ...)

I was wondering if there's some sort of RF mains-switch available which (basically a wireless doorbell) can run off a coin battery for a couple of years, and can be set with a timer to run for a few minutes per button-push?  Then I can put a wireless switch at each end of the footpath, and do all the mains stuff inside the house.

Do such exist, please?  Or maybe there's a trick I'm missing?

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