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Mar 18, 2023, 8:46:36 AM3/18/23
to rLab / Reading's Hackspace
If you take one thing from this message it is that I do not want to be a director. I've had several people email and text me commending me on what I did and suggesting I become a director. Where I appreciate this, I have neither the time nor the organisational skills to be a director; and that's okay! I think, however, that these calls for me to become a director betrays a gross misunderstanding of what a director does. 

Over the past five years I've had several ideas to improve the space, which I have taken to directors. The director then, if they're doing their job correctly, assesses my ideas against the administrative context of the space and determines whether or not my idea is feasible. This, in my mind, is the role of a director. A director does not need to have great ideas, they just need to be able to listen to those of others and know how to assess their feasibility.

On the flipside, I hope from this you understand that you still have the power to change things in the workshop even if you're not a director! Assuming the next directors to take the helm do their jobs correctly, your ideas will be heard and assessed with the same respect, rigor, and openness as those of directors.

I will not be voting at the next election. I wish all of you the same amount of luck at getting voted in 😉

Mark Morris

Mar 18, 2023, 11:49:47 AM3/18/23
to reading-...@googlegroups.com
A sensible, well written email. Diplomacy is as much of a needed skill as organisation.

You've only made the case for your landslide election even stronger :)

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