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Welcome to the React Labs Google Group!

React Labs is a new way for people to engage with the political process and for researchers to gain insight into public opinion.  Traditional polling provides interpretable data, but it can't give you fine grained, second-by-second information about people's reactions to events like speeches and political debates.  "Dial" technologies for polling are clunky and only provide a single dimension (positive vs. negative), and they don't scale up.  The new generation of social media analysis, e.g. mining Twitter for public opinions, gets closer to real time, and on a massive scale, but it's wildly messy and it doesn't let you choose the questions you want answered.  React Labs addresses all these issues -- it provides a "sweet spot" between traditional polling or focus groups and social media analysis that can scale up to massive audiences.

This Google Group is for people who are interested in participating as React Labs audience members, and more generally for people who are interested in receiving occasional updates on what we're doing.  It should be a very low-volume group, so go ahead and subscribe; we won't flood you with e-mail.

Thanks for your interest!

React Labs
Don't just watch. React!

P.S.  This group is mainly for people who are interested in keeping up with what React Labs is doing.  If you're a polling firm or other organization potentially interested in working with React Labs, please send mail to