metreeca/link v0.55.0 released

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Alessandro Bollini

Mar 31, 2021, 12:27:33 AM3/31/21
We are pleased to announce the release of Metreeca/Link v0.55.0.

This is a major beta release introducing:

- localized data support, with Accept-Language content negotiation and idiomatic JSON serialization based on JSON-LD language maps

- resource aliasing and coalescing based on owl:sameAs query-time reasoning

- overhauled and more efficient SPARQL-based model-driven engine

Detailed release notes are available at .

— About Metreeca/Link —

Metreeca/Link is a model-driven Java framework for rapid REST/JSON-LD backend development.

Its engine automatically converts high-level declarative JSON-LD models into extended REST APIs supporting CRUD operations, faceted search, data validation and fine‑grained role‑based access control, relieving backend developers from low-level chores and completely shielding frontend developers from linked data technicalities.

Metreeca/Link is server and storage-agnostic and may be easily connected to your solution of choice.

To get started with Metreeca/Link, visit the project home at or open the docs at and walk through the model‑driven linked data publishing and interaction tutorials.

Best regards,

alessandro bollini ph.d. - tech lead -

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