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bob biker

Feb 12, 2008, 11:24:25 PM2/12/08
to RBW Owners Bunch
Hi all. I have a Rivendell, but this question isn't about it. This is
about my fixed gear Mercian, which I change up for the fun of it. It
had a modern crank, a Sugino product marketed by Stronglight called
Wanderer. I found an old (early seventies) Campy chromed steel crank
called the Gran Sport, I believe. It has three arms making up its
"spider" and has the same 3 bolt circle as some TA chainwheels, which
I also aquired. I changed the bottom bracket to a Campy taper and
installed the crank. I turned down the heads of the stack bolts to
clear the chainstay. Now my pedals won't fit the crank arms. They are
labeled on each one, "9/16 X 20 F." which I took to mean they are the
now commonly used 9/16 X 20 thread used on most bikes, not the old
French standard of 14mm X 1.25 mm that Sheldon Brown's site, among
other sources, says was the old French standard. But my pedals only
start in with difficulty, and obviously the threading is wrong. Do I
have French threading on the Campy cranks, and if so, does the
labeling "9/16 X 20 F." mean that they are 14 mm X 1.25 mm, or yet
something else? In short, is their only one "old French pedal
standard" and do I have it, or what do I have here? Is the great
arbiter of all things correct in bicycling trying to tell me
something, such as, don't use this crank? It looks sharp, but I still
haven't ridden it, and after I buy some French pedals (if that is what
I need) I will truly have a small fortune in this little bit of

Regards all, and thanks, BB.

Hank Wirtz

Feb 13, 2008, 2:30:36 AM2/13/08
to RBW Owners Bunch
That's the correct English threading. I'd take the cranks to any bike
shop and have them chase the threads with the proper taps.

Marc Nolte

Feb 13, 2008, 10:44:10 AM2/13/08
to, RBW Owners Bunch
the 'F' stands for Fine.
The cotter pins on my '74 Raleigh use 1/4" nuts, but Fine threading.
I don't know about your crank arms, but unless they are
tapped with Fine Thread spacing, these pedals will not work.
Calgary, Alberta
(where it is too snowy outside to ride my Riv.)


Feb 13, 2008, 12:21:21 PM2/13/08
to RBW Owners Bunch
Are you sure you are not putting them on the wrong side?

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