This why you don't UNO and drive!

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Sep 9, 2009, 3:08:00 PM9/9/09
to rbot
Note: Fngsaiyuk was playing UNO through his mobile phone to IRC when
driving in his car.

11:42AM <Bender> WorkerAnt plays Red 2
11:42AM <Bender> it's FngSaiYuk's turn
11:49AM <theshadow> what is up with Fng and multiplayer?
[11:50am] <WorkerAnt> isn't he driving?
[11:52am] <WorkerAnt> and he didn't reply to my IM
[11:52am] <WorkerAnt> oh well
[11:52am] <WorkerAnt> IM me back when game resumes and my turn
11:54AM <FngSaiYuk> cd
11:54AM <Bender> Current discard: Red 2
11:54AM <FngSaiYuk> ca
11:54AM <Bender> FngSaiYuk: 3, theshadow: 9, WorkerAnt: 5
11:54AM <FngSaiYuk> pl w+4 y
11:54AM <Bender> FngSaiYuk plays Wild +4
11:54AM <Bender> next player must respond correctly or pick 4 cards
11:54AM <Bender> color is now Yellow
11:54AM <Bender> it's theshadow's turn
11:54AM <theshadow> ch
11:54AM <Bender> theshadow challenges FngSaiYuk's Wild +4 !
11:54AM <Bender> FngSaiYuk's move was legal, theshadow must pick 6
-Bender(~rbot)- Your cards: Green 4 Green 7 Red 6 Yellow 7
Yellow 9
11:54AM <Bender> it's WorkerAnt's turn
11:54AM <FngSaiYuk> sorry, got pulled over by the cops
11:54AM <theshadow> no way
11:54AM <FngSaiYuk> $90 ticket 4 unoing while drivin'
11:54AM <theshadow> "distracted driving"
11:54AM <theshadow> ...really?
11:54AM <FngSaiYuk> the b@stard
11:55AM <FngSaiYuk> i was goin' the limit, i was in my lane, i was
just drivin' while
'texting' on the phone
11:55AM <theshadow> does your state have anti-cell phone laws?
11:55AM <FngSaiYuk> apparently there's an anti-texting law
11:55AM <theshadow> man, that sucks
11:55AM <FngSaiYuk> i know i can talk on the cell while driving
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