Raxa-JSS: Weekly Meeting 2012-02-27 Minutes

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Nathan Leiby

Feb 28, 2012, 5:35:04 AM2/28/12
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Lawrence, Shuro, Sathyan, Daniel, Nathan, Susan


Project Management

  • Improvements to Wiki - The wiki (https://raxaemr.atlassian.net/wiki/x/BoAf) is the location of tutorials, documentation, and instructions for our project. It is improving slowly and steadily, day by day, as we add new pages and improve on the ones that already exist.
  • Public Website - Going forward, our new Drupalgardens website (http://raxa.drupalgardens.com/, ongoing) will be the public face of the project.
  • We continue to use 
    • Google groups for basic communication
    • DropBox to share work among our designers
    • JIRA system for managing code / development
  • Conferencing - We've had BAD luck using FreeConferencing. Can anyone suggest an alternate tool that's more reliable? (Need to be free, and callable from India and other countries!)

If anyone has suggestions, please send them to Daniel, Nathan or Shuro.

Great work on Community Health Presentation

Many thanks to Sathyan Velumani for preparing a fantastic document about the interaction of a community health worker, senior health worker, lab technician, and physician in a case study of how our technologies will manage a case of a sick child in a village. This document is now saved in DropBox under the Presentations (/Dropbox/JSS EMR/Documentation/Presentations/) subfolder.

JSS Update

We’ve had two small, thermal printers arrive at JSS this past week, which are to be used for the printing of medication orders and, separately, registration card information. For those who haven’t seen them, we have some terrific medication pictograms saved in DropBox (under Documentation) that will be user tested and tethered to specific medication orders.

Module News

  • Analytics: Ongoing conversation with a few new contributors from IIT-Delhi about helping to work on the analytics back end. This will be folded into the effort lead by students (current and former) from UT Austin.
  • Screener / Triage module: Active collaboration between Gio and Riddhima on the STM, with a new set of designs saved DropBox.
  • Lab: Great work on the Lab backend, lead by Roger Friedman. We have a very robust spreadsheet document that is filled out and also saved in DropBox (JSS EMR --> Documentation --> For Lab Rats). This will continue to be refined as more doctors at JSS take a closer look at it this week. Also, Vijita has agreed to come on board on the lab backend, and Jianhua continues to make great progress. Welcome Vijita!
  • Registration: Scrum calls ongoing and are fantastic; we’ve had as many as eight of our ten contributors call in at once.
  • UI/UX: New UI/UX designer Hemanshu Narsana, based in Bangalore, on the project now. Welcome Hemanshu!
  • OPD: A call planned for UI/UX team on the OPD module planned for this week.


(All historical Weekly Meeting Notes are available here, under "Child pages": https://raxaemr.atlassian.net/wiki/display/RAXAJSS/Raxa-JSS+Weekly+Meeting)

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