2012-06-30 Pharmacy Meeting notes

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Nathan Leiby

Jun 29, 2012, 2:09:02 AM6/29/12
to <raxa-jss-emr-pharmacy@googlegroups.com>
Hi all,

Thanks all for taking the time to discuss the next steps in Pharmacy Development. Looking forward to building our first REST services for Pharmacy in the week ahead!


Pharmacy meeting -- June 29, 2012 at 10-11am IST

Participants: Jeff HungYan JinJohn V StoeckerSurajit Nundy, Nathan Leiby

iDart port status

  • followed guide on how to make a module in OpenMRS
  • used module as a template
  • added tables
  • built hibernate classes for the iDart tables (surface, pojo, dao)
  • todo: xml file

REST calls for pharmacy

  • can be built directly on current implementation? or need a service layer in between? (ex. creating a stock center)
  • we're using OpenMRS 1.9 in Raxa

Development Approach

  • prioritize just Raxa needed functionality
  • probably easier to bring tables over with full fields, instead of removing them ... get it working faster
  • try to select parts that are non-overlapping with existing OpenMRS (just the drug-related parts)
    • in OpenMRS, already has ~5 tables for drugs (drug, drug ingredient, orders, ...)
    • visual datamodel ... helps show which tables are "drug related" in iDart
  • want to use the Raxacore repo: https://github.com/Raxa/raxacore

Joining Raxa community

  • how to simplify things to learn... lots to sort through!


  • Share Raxacore knowledge
    • Share simple REST client ... REST Client FireFox addon
    • Share some examples of REST in Raxacore
    • Explain how to use / commit to Raxacore https://github.com/Raxa/raxacore
    • pull requests for Raxacore -- give at least one pharmacy team member (whoever wants to be gatekeeper) permission to accept pull requests on raxacore repo
  • Design Review of Raxa pharmacy screens
    • Connect Jeff and others to Pharmacy UI designer for Raxa to walk through our designs
    • Share a google doc to manage design questions / feedback
  • Pharmacy REST services
    • Get "1 screen working" (or even part of a screen) with REST calls, etc (useful, simple screen - "stock management" or "inventory" (p18 onward)))
    • Alerts: determine alert datamodel
  • meet again within 1 week
    • 1-week goal is to "complete 1 page end-to-end" (likely p19 from v4 pharmacy designs)
    • want to get at least some of that page's functionality exposed via REST

Create a ticket and subtickets for this work

  • Umbrella ticket for Pharmacy REST calls
  • a few Subtasks based on this call
  • can add additional sub-tasks as we progress

Nathan Leiby

Jun 29, 2012, 3:06:34 AM6/29/12
to <raxa-jss-emr-pharmacy@googlegroups.com>, John Stoecker, Surajit Nundy
I've created JIRA tickets to track some of the work we talked about in the call. If any ticket is most important, it's 

RAXAJSS-234 - Pharmacy REST services - OPEN 

which is the umbrella ticket for Pharmacy REST work. Please feel free to add additional sub-tasks or new tickets as needed to organize your work.

p.s. I updated the meeting notes to include links to the tickets (https://raxaemr.atlassian.net/wiki/display/RAXAJSS/2012-06-30+Pharmacy+Meeting).

2012/6/29 Nathan Leiby <natha...@gmail.com>
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