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Daniel Pepper

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I visited JSS a few days after Saptarshi.  Since starting work on this project, I have been told by multiple people that JSS was an amazing operation that accomplishes a lot of great things.  What I saw did not disappoint. The hospital has achieved such a great reputation locally that patients come from hours away, sleeping at the hospital overnight just to visit the outpatient clinic.
As great as what JSS does, it was clear watching the process that there are a number of opportunities for improved efficiency throughout the entire process, and this is where the Raxa project comes into play.  From the moment registration is installed at the hospital, and with the rollout of each module, we will have an immediate impact, helping JSS further streamline their operation without having to add staff or facilities.
But improving efficiency is just the beginning. For example, from being at the hospital and getting a sense of the kind of cases they see, it has become clear that there is immense value in the data they are collecting. By moving to a unified OpenMRS database, we will be able to analyze the data to spot and predict of trends, enabling targeted, proactive preventative measures. Exciting stuff…

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