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Surajit Nundy

Feb 1, 2012, 8:44:42 AM2/1/12
Dear contributors:

We are constructing a large, rather complicated application at the Raxa JSS EMR and have been trying to create an organizing principle around which we can limit entropy of data objects, UI elements and, perhaps most importantly, documentation. Our goal is to allows contributors ranging from professional developers to relative beginners to rapidly create and update performant and eloquent modules. Principles of our architecture philosophy have been (evidenced by our choice of a HTML5/JavaScript webapp architecture that sips REST webservices):-

1. Wide user applicability - Webapps, not native apps
2. New technology that has the horses for the future - HTML5
3. Hackability and "non-steep" learning curves - HTML, JavaScript, CSS
4. Adapted for limited (non-Facebook/non-Apple) programmer resources - (We chose to stay with MySQL rather than go to a "Couchy" database)
5. Stand on the shoulders of giants - OpenMRS data model choice

We have needed a way to structure our application appropriately using reusable UI frameworks and widgets. To that end, we have been evaluating and testing Javascript frameworks extensively to choose a platform that will fit our architecture philosophy as well as enable our contributors to quickly and efficiently make a great application. After much deliberation, we have decided to use the framework of Sencha Touch for mobile webapps and Ext JS4 for desktop apps because of the combination of elegant design, parsimonious architecture, eloquent and performant UI libraries, permissive licensing and, importantly, substantial energies devoted to unify the framework and evolve it, amongst other things. While some of the other choices have their own advantages, we have found that Sencha/ExtJS will really help us most.

Some relevant documentation is at:-

Please feel free to write in with queries to

We are excited that the Registration module (using these frameworks) is nearly ready to implement and are looking forward to the gradual completing and rollout of the rest of our project. Thanks for your attention and we look forward to making this fantastic project a reality!


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