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Arjun Krishna

Feb 28, 2015, 10:54:30 AM2/28/15
Hello Everyone, 

I was looking through the idea for Smart Help System idea posted on the GSOC 2015 ideas page.

The help feature mentioned in the idea got the functionality of the elements covered by binding elements to some sort of help text.

To aid with the navigation in the app for the user from views to views , I'd suggest the usage of screenshots displayed as carousels for each process that the user has to go through. These carousels can come up as an overlay whenever the user clicks a button so that the switching between the carousels and the actual app itself isn't going to be a hassle.
 Moreover the user does not have to recall from memory all the steps in the process and can look them up seamlessly this way. Practo has a beautiful carousel that comes up when you first download their app.

Moreover I really love the way that Trello(which is great for tracking  progress  by the way) implements their help module. They have a bunch of threads with posts on each thread like FAQ's and How To's and Feature Requests. Users can put up posts on the certain lists only. Posts can vary from general questions to bug reports.This will be available on the web too.

I Think this system should help the user navigate throughout the app and at each view help him how to get the task done.

Moreover in order to maintain the Lists in the  help section and to get the help text I say that some rest endpoints are needed so that the help text can be changed for the elements without changing any code in the app (being as modular as possible) and an Admin Panel ( Like the one that comes packaged with django ) to maintain the content in help section.

Lastly I think the help system needs language support as well.

Looking forward to your views on this.

Yours Thankfully,
Arjun Krishna Vasisht

PS: I'll put up some wireframes ASAP. 
PPS: You can check out my linked in profile here.

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