does RawSripts still works on Google App Engine?

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Xes Garcia

May 2, 2013, 6:21:58 AM5/2/13
I've reading the docs and I managed to make the app work on my own computer following the docs
but I can't figure out how to make it work in google app engine

I would like to "work" on some features like Spanish support, file based storage...

It still works there or not anymore?
Thanks for this app
it's awesome!

Ritchie Wilson

May 2, 2013, 9:54:55 AM5/2/13
There are kind of two versions right now. The site still runs on AppEngine, but all my efforts go to getting it off of AppEngine. If you checked out the Git repository and are running the master branch, that is all based on Flask and has nothing to do AppEngine anymore.

The old AppEngine code (deep in the git repository) is a mess, undocumented, has no tests, and is basically unmaintainable. I only make changes to it when something catastrophic happens at I think there would have to be a pretty huge cleanup before I could safely and comfortably merge the kinds of big changes you want to work on. I would not recommend working on that.

The new Flask code tries to salvage what can be reused, and rewrites the rest, and should generally be much easier to get into (has tests, notes, and sane organization) . Unfortunately it is not complete yet, and progress has been slow. I would start there, but know that your work will not show up on until the rewrite is complete.

So the code is not in a great place, but it is moving forward, and I encourage you to take a stab at it. If there's anything I can point you too let me know.


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