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  Welcome to the RAS_Prime Google Group!! 

This group is devoted to the free exchange of information on all glider related topics.  Anyone can join the RAS_Prime Google group!  RAS_Prime is dedicated to trying its very best to be a respectful place for everyone to talk about the sport that they love.  

RAS_Prime lives alongside the venerable Usenet Network News group known as rec.aviation.soaring or RAS for short.  See more information on RAS at the end of this document*.  
Google Groups has several distinct advantages over Usenet Groups;

- Web based access to the group as well as email reading and responding
- Integration with the Google universe of applications
- Capability to limit or remove SPAM/SPAMers
- File and image attachment and storage

See more details on the advantages of a Google group versus a Usenet group at https://usenetreviewz.com/usenet-newsgroups-vs-google-groups.

Below are some common sense guidelines (thus far) for the use of RAS_Prime;

  • Respect for everyone.  Disagreements will happen from time-to-time but must be discussed in a courteous fashion.  No denigration of fellow members.
  • Postings should be related to gliders and soaring.  Important and useful general aviation topics are also encouraged. 
  • Please stay on topic in a posting.  Don't sideline a discussion with unrelated information.  Instead start a new conversation.
  • Non-aviation topics are not allowed.  No political discussions.  Hateful or discriminatory postings are not allowed. No spamming of any sort.
  • Please limit commercial postings to announcing interesting new aviation products or services. 
  • Advertise personal owned aviation items for sale, or items wanted, which are aviation related.  Start the post's subject line with "FS:" ("For Sale") or "WTB:" (Want to Buy").  

The managers do not want to limit discussions and will give everyone the benefit of the doubt.  They will provide warnings to those that stray away from our  guidelines.  However, the managers may need to remove posts that do not follow the guidelines or, in egregious cases, the moderator may remove users that continually break the rules.  

Thank you!
The Management of RAS_Prime


While rec.aviation.soaring (RAS) is NOT a Google group RAS's decades old archive of valuable information can be searched at https://groups.google.com/g/rec.aviation.soaring.  Please note that Google no longer allows posting of new conversations on RAS due to the preponderance of SPAM which began in October of 2023.