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Tom Parker

Dec 11, 2016, 7:50:11 PM12/11/16
to raspber...@googlegroups.com
I wrote a small command line java app to create swarm-like plots without needing to launch swarm. The app is intended to allow plots to be created periodically by cron or the Windows task scheduler. This is an early tester version and has little polish, however basic functionality seems to work. Currently you can specify the size of the plot and the time span, but many other options are still hard coded. Over time a few more display and data processing options will be supported.

While my day gig involves writing code for USGS, I have done this on my own time building on publicly available code. I'm still adding features, but I can't make any promises about how quickly work on this app will progress.

You can download the tester at:

Some example command lines and resulting plots are below. The commands use relative times to produce plots of current data, however a specific time span can also be provided in yyyyMMddHHmm-yyyyMMddHHmm format if there's a specific time you want to plot. Each of the commands includes the station code for my shake. You'll need to replace that with your station code.

Hope this is useful to someone.


Helicorder for the past 24 hours:
java -jar swarmPlotter.jar -p heli -t -24h -c R99CF_SHZ_AM_00 -s wws:raspberryshake.local:16032 -z US/Alaska heli.png

Inline image 1

Waveform for past 10 minutes:
java -jar swarmPlotter.jar -p wave -t -10i -c R99CF_SHZ_AM_00 -s wws:raspberryshake.local:16032 -z US/Alaska wave.png

Inline image 2

Spectrogram for past 10 minutes:
java -jar swarmPlotter.jar -p spectrogram --spectrogramWave -t -10i -c R99CF_SHZ_AM_00 -s wws:raspberryshake.local:16032 -z US/Alaska spectrogram.png

Inline image 3

All command line args:
java -jar swarmPlotter.jar --help

  java -jar swarmplotter.jar [--help] (-t|--timeSpan) <timeSpan> [-v|--verbose]
  [(-z|--timeZone) <timeZone>] [(-d|--dimension) <dimension>] (-p|--plotType)
  <plotType> (-c|--channel) <channel> (-s|--dataSource) <dataSource>
  [--heliSuppressClip] [--heliForceCenter] [(-r|--heliRowSpan) <heliRowSpan>]
  [-l|--plotLabel] [--spectrogramWave] <outputFile>

I am the Swarm plotter

        Prints this help message.

  (-t|--timeSpan) <timeSpan>
        Time span as yyyyMMddHHmm-yyyyMMddHHmm
        All times in UTC.

        Verbose logging.

  [(-z|--timeZone) <timeZone>]
        Time zone. Only affects plot. All args must be given in UTC. (default:

  [(-d|--dimension) <dimension>]
        dimension as heightxwidth in pixels. (example: 640x480)
        wave: 280 x 750
        heli: 800 x 800
        spectrogram: 280 x 925

  (-p|--plotType) <plotType>
        One of:  heli, wave, spectrogram

  (-c|--channel) <channel>
        channel as S_C_N_L

  (-s|--dataSource) <dataSource>
        Seismic data source.

        Do not highlight clipping on helicorder.

        Force center helicorder rows.

  [(-r|--heliRowSpan) <heliRowSpan>]
        Length of heli row in minutes
        (default: 30)

        Label helicorder plot.

        Plot waveform above spectrogram.

        Output file name

Angel Rodriguez

Dec 11, 2016, 7:55:29 PM12/11/16
to raspber...@googlegroups.com

This is great, thank you!

Some useful links:
Manual: http://manual.raspberryshake.org/
Shop: https://shop.raspberryshake.org/
Website: http://raspberryshake.org/
Do It YourSelf Page: http://raspberryshake.org/do-it-yourself
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Alan Pointing

Jul 10, 2017, 2:45:23 PM7/10/17
to RaspberryShake
Hi Tom,

Your tester works really well. It also works with the new historical data source for Shake data at caps.raspberryshakedata.com

It would be very useful if you can write another command line java app to output the waveform to a mini-seed file, instead of plotting it to image file (similar arguments apart from the helicorder stuff). I have tried various seismic utilities (e.g. Obspy, ObspyDMT, GIZMO/Octave) and haven't been able to extract the historical data from caps.raspberryshakedata.com

Would really appreciate your help on this.

thanks, Alan
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