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Soumajyoti Sarkar

Oct 6, 2013, 4:17:25 PM10/6/13
I installed ROS groovy and  rapyuta-mapping but the problem with ROS is that it fixes ROS_PATH to /share/ros. I have to do an export to the correct directory to resolve the path everytime. I looked up the internet and there were people who suggested deleting the devel and build directories and then redo a catkin_make, but it still doesn't work in my case. If I do an export everytime , the framework works fine. I know it is more of a ROS problem than rapyuta's , but I posted it here just in case anyone here might have already faced this issue before.What is the solution to this?

Mayank Singh

Oct 6, 2013, 4:42:18 PM10/6/13
to Soumajyoti Sarkar, rapyuta

Sorry I haven't used catkin. However, if you need to export it everytime just add it to your .bashrc.

Vladyslav Usenko

Oct 8, 2013, 9:47:34 AM10/8/13
Hi Soumajyoti,

If you mean that ROS_PACKAGE_PATH is not pointing to the place where you have your packages, then it should be fixed by adding 
source ~/workspace/devel/setup.bash
to your ~/.bashrc

If there is no mistake and you are actually talking about ROS_PATH, then I'm not sure. I don't have this variable at all.

Yung Lam

Jan 27, 2014, 8:05:29 AM1/27/14
Hi all,
I use ROS groovy and catkin for my workspace, 
I had added source ~/{my_workspace}/devel/setup.bash to ~/.bashrc
however it is not work and error message is 
Received the following error message when calling createNode from class Environment: Can not find ROS package "{package name}"
So I try to copy the executable bin in  devel/lib/package/ to devel/lib/package/bin
and add the address to [machine/packages], now this time no error message.
But this seems not a good solution, so what can I do to deal with catkin package?

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