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Murat Tasan

Dec 7, 2014, 10:27:59 PM12/7/14
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Hi all ---

I'm getting a "there is no package called X" error when using an RFileEval directive.
In this case, X happens to be Rook, and Rook is installed in user www's R_LIB, but not system-wide (which in my situation isn't doable, for a variety of reasons).

When running R interactively as user www, I can call Rook functions without attaching the package, e.g. calling Rook::Utils works just fine.

I tend to not use library(...) much in stand-alone scripts, as I'd rather be as explicit as possible, so I use the explicit package::object notation frequently.

So, my question is more or less how does rApache examine search paths with such directives?
Prior to starting execution of the command/script?
And if so, does rApache only search the global R library, rather than also trying to search the libraries of the actual executing user (typically user www for httpd).
In cases where one is using RFileEval, if the executing script contains calls to .libPaths(foo) to set new search paths dynamically, would the subsequent command eval try to use the 'new' search path?

Any clarification on the exact rules/timing of package namespace resolution/searching would be super-appreciated :-)



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