Experience with COOSPO bike computer?

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Justin G. Castillo

Feb 11, 2024, 9:33:48 AMFeb 11
to Randonneurs USA

Was looking around for possible replacements for my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, which is suffering from a deteriorating screen, and I came across the COOSPO line of GPS bike computers: https://www.coospo.com/collections/gps-bike-computer .

Has anybody tried/used this computer? The price point is appealing, but often you do get what you pay for.



C. Duque

Feb 11, 2024, 10:44:19 AMFeb 11
to Justin G. Castillo, Randonneurs USA
I don't think their bike computers have navigation or maps so they may not be the best choice for randonneuring... If you want those features.

I have no experience with their bike computers but use their chest heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensors and those are very good alternatives to the more expensive Garmin/Wahoo ones.


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Bill Gobie

Feb 11, 2024, 11:18:21 AMFeb 11
to Justin G. Castillo, Randonneurs USA
The "specification" page specifically says no navigation. Appears to be a bike computer that does not need a wheel sensor, although you can add one, and can upload tracks to Strava. No mention of uploading to RwGPS.


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