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Miki Vuckovich

Oct 10, 2022, 11:37:25 PM10/10/22
Here’s a good article on the cheapest airlines to fly with bikes:


On Oct 10, 2022, at 7:50 PM, wrote:

Bob Counts <>: Oct 10 07:24AM -0700

I recommend the Orucase Ninja bike case. Their design makes it less
obvious it is a bike. There are other reasons I really like it, it is very
easy to load my bike in and it is very light, yet also very secure. After
totally loading it, plus tools, helmet, shoes and extras) the total weight
was 33 lbs. Weight to spare compared to my "Trico Iron Case" which was 49
lbs without any tools or extras.
This past summer I flew to San Diego and back using Southwest. Southwest
did not ask or charge me on the way there. Going back they charged $75 but
I suspect it is because Orucase is located in SD and they have become
accustomed to seeing their cases in the airport there (totally my theory).
I am not up on the latest but I've heard Delta and perhaps other airlines
have removed fees for bicycles, which I find hard to believe. Excellent
news if so.
Eric Keller <>: Oct 10 10:36AM -0400

Those airlines charge as if it's a second piece of luggage, which
isn't cheap, but it's not the $200 they used to charge.
Eric Keller
Boalsburg Pennsylvania
Yasmin Boakye <>: Oct 10 10:40AM -0400

Just chiming in that I also used the Orucase Ninja Case on Southwest and
was charged $75 because it was oversized -- the gate agent actually pulled
out the measuring tape...and the bike never made it to my final
destination. Really disappointing experience especially given luggage is
free on Southwest! I've heard from other cyclists that Delta, American, and
United are all better options.
Jeff <>: Oct 10 11:10AM -0400

alaska, delta and some others simply charge a checked bag fee... some
airlines will waive the handling fee for certain status levels.
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Bob Counts <>: Oct 10 09:50AM -0700

I think it is a bit of a crap shoot regarding if Southwest charges. I will
say that in four trips since 2019 (legs) using SW I was charged once.
One-out-of-four ain't bad! I think it is important not to volunteer "this
is a bicycle". In fact, when I was at the counter where I was charged, I
was asked "what is in this bag" to which I said "just my stuff". Well, my
daughter was there and said "It's a bicycle!". Ugggh.
In PBP 2019 I was charged but ONLY because for Air France I had to fill out
a form ahead of time saying I was bringing a bike. When I showed at the
counter they didn't think it was a bicycle until they looked at my
reservation, both outbound and return.
That being said I like the orucase regardless of if there is a fee.
Howard - I'm not sure if this answers your original question but I will
mention that SW Airlines website says it here -
I think they have updated their site because I called them before, they
will allow "oversized" but will charge the $75. If it is under 62 inches
they shouldn't charge a fee, but if you read what they say - "Additional
charges may apply", which is totally up to the person checking you in
basically. I think the only bike case that will pass the exact
requirement of less-than 62" is the S&S coupler (or similar) case.
Robert Sexton <>: Oct 10 10:12AM -0700

I've got a Ritchey breakaway that I've flown with many, many times. It's
not within the size limit, but close enough that almost nobody ever checks.
- Robert
Robert Sexton
RBA of DBC <>: Oct 10 11:28AM -0700

Me too. And when I am asked, I say that it’s bicycle parts, cuz in that state, it’s not even close to a full bicycle! ;-)
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