Randoplan trick for private RWGPS routes

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Kevin Williams

May 3, 2024, 3:49:29 PMMay 3
to Randonneurs USA
Hey Randos,

I just discovered a trick for using Randoplan with private routes. Normally, if you try to use a route that is set to private, you will receive the following message:

Private or non-existent Ride with GPS route 

In the past, I have had to set my private routes to public before using the route in Randoplan. But I found a much easier and straightforward method. Normally, you would have a URL for a public route such as:

You would then use 37557321 for the GPS route ID in Randoplan. But, when you want to share the URL of a private route, you will have a privacy code attached to the end of the URL and receive something like:


If you copy the entire route and privacy code and paste it into Randoplan, it will work with a private route. So you would use 37557321?privacy_code= SIDhtdu3DqMvGmGr for the route ID in Randoplan and it will pull up the forecast for your private route. No need to make it public before using!

--Kevin W.

ken jessett

May 3, 2024, 4:31:43 PMMay 3
to Randonneurs USA
I make all my routes public, why not? I like to share, it's the human way. :-)

Ken J

Jeff Loomis

May 3, 2024, 4:51:48 PMMay 3
to ken jessett, Randonneurs USA
Sometimes there are details to be gleaned that you might not want made public.  For example if someone looked at your account and found a bunch of public routes starting at the same place they could discern where you live.  Or, let's say you had routes (like I do) named, "Tour Day 1", "Tour Day 2", etc. then anyone could potentially tell when and where you were going to be.  There were rumors spreading when Strava got popular that bike thieves were finding homes with expensive bikes based on public strava records.  These fears seem overblown to me given how much is already on social media about me, but if you are someone who keeps a minimum of information online, keeping routes private might help continue towards that goal.

Obviously, once you share the link with a privacy_code, anyone who gets that link can see that route.  Even then, each share gets a unique one so you are risking that route only.

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Bill Gobie

May 3, 2024, 11:11:18 PMMay 3
to Jeff Loomis, ken jessett, Randonneurs USA
Not all browsers display the privacy code and/or make it available to copy. Safari on a Mac, for example, at least the version I have. And curiously, it matters how you access the route. From the Dashboard Safari adds the privacy code. From Routes it does not add the privacy code.


Kevin Williams

May 4, 2024, 10:50:37 AMMay 4
to Randonneurs USA

The privacy code is used so others can access the private route when you share the route. So, if you chose the Share option and copy the link, it should contain the privacy code.

--Kevin W.
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