Randonneurs USA

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Welcome to the official group of Randonneurs USA (RUSA).

This list serves as a general purpose randonneuring forum at the national level and is intended as a supplement, not a replacement, for regional lists and other national/global lists.

A suggested use is for topics that primarily concern randonneuring in the US and are of interest to RUSA members. RUSA headquarters will likewise use this as a channel to make announcements.

Group Rules:

1. Participants are expected to be civil and respectful towards each other and RUSA volunteers/officials.

2. Inflammatory/disparaging personal remarks, off-topic posts, and unsolicited commercial email (spam) will not be tolerated and should not be posted to the group.

3. Do not join and post to this group with the sole purpose of selling something. If your first post is a for-sale post, you will be removed from this group immediately.

4. To foster randonneuring community, consider signing your posts with your real name if you feel comfortable.

5. At the discretion of the group administrators, non-compliance with these rules may result in either a private warning or immediate removal/banning from the group.