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Jas Dembinski

May 18, 2022, 9:06:40 PMMay 18
I have had the same problems. I’m no engineer but have to wonder if Wahoo’s drift into color hasn’t  taken away from the simplicity and reliability of their product. No color was a selling point for them in the beginning—and helped sell me on their product. 

Meanwhile, thank you, Charlie, for outlining the current best practice. I submitted a ticket yesterday and was told I shouldn’t have the same problems with a replacement unit on long rides. I loved Garmin initially but all my devices got, for lack of a better term, too squirrelly for me—undependable, essentially. 

These device issues underscore the need to keep ready to navigate by cue sheet, which is sort of fun if you have a set up with which you can actually read the sheets!  Not an endless line on a screen but one next turn or set of directions after another on a printed page. 

Every brevet is an adventure of the spirit!

Ronald Long

May 19, 2022, 2:22:32 PMMay 19
to randon
I am a (retired) software engineer, and I have a hard time imagining switching to a color display being related to a problem that seems to be involve either
1. the amount of data collected, or 2. the length of time that the tracking / data collection process has been running.

While my rides have been shorter than the ones causing problems, since the ride I had to abandon because I couldn't load the route part way through, I'm finding that everything works flawlessly when I have paper backup with me!  :-)
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