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May 13, 2022, 2:45:20 PMMay 13
I'm curious as to how many people have lost their "proof" for a ride due to these kind of technical issues.

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William Beck <>: May 13 06:15AM -0700

In case anyone is interested in the continuing saga, Wahoo seems to think
that hardware replacement is the solution. When I told the guy at Wahoo
that I had low confidence in that working because of all the other people
with the same problem, he said "This replacement will solve the issue."
Unfortunately, the replacement unit I received has a problem of its own.
With the unit off, but connected to the charger, it displays a battery
symbol with four bars to indicate the charge state. When fully charged, all
four bars are supposed to be solid. But on my replacement unit, the 4th bar
continues to blink forever. If you turn the unit on, you see that it is
100% charged, but you can't tell that without turning it on. So it looks
like I will have to order ANOTHER replacement.
Bill Beck
On Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 3:50:07 PM UTC-4 William Beck wrote:
"" <>: May 13 07:08AM -0700

Hi All,
Sad to say, you're not alone. Here in Ireland over the last few weeks we
have had issues with Wahoo devices rebooting mid ride on 300 and 400km
cycles. Tickets were opened and like previous posts we were told to free up
space. Last weekend on a 400km, 3 out of 7 Bolts had rapid battery
drainage, mine went from 100% to 0% after 6.5 hours. Along with the battery
drainage the others rebooted, some twice on the ride.
Initially with my ticket I was told " This is something that we have never
seen before with our Elemnt Bolts". I went back with other ticket numbers
that were opened and they just said they would let the software team know.
They are currently keeping my ticket open to see if it re-occurs.
Fintan Brewster
On Friday, 13 May 2022 at 14:15:43 UTC+1 William Beck wrote:
William Beck <>: May 13 09:13AM -0700

Wahoo says that the blinking 4th battery bar, even when fully charged, is a
known issue with the "new" ROAMs. They are working to fix it (all bars
solid when fully charged) in an update. It's actually reassuring that the
new ROAMs are physically different than the old ones since it makes it more
plausible that the new ones will actually fix the rest problem. The
blinking 4th bar is a minor issue to have until the update.
Bill Beck
On Friday, May 13, 2022 at 9:15:43 AM UTC-4 William Beck wrote:
Susan Otcenas <>: May 12 04:46PM -0700

The waitlist for Cascade 1400 has shortened up considerably. At the moment
I expect everyone on it will be admitted. If you were previously interested
in Cascade but did not register because the waitlist was so long, you might
want to sign up now for a fairly good chance of getting admitted. Learn
more here: Shoot me an email if you don't find
your questions already answered on the website.
Susan Otcenas
Cascade 1400
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May 16, 2022, 11:11:10 AMMay 16
to randon
In Ireland on calendar events you still have your brevet card with the list of controls to fill in, usually till receipts or photos. A gpx file is not required or requested for these events. We still have some old school riders that will just use a route sheet and odometer to get around. Since Covid, the organiser of the event will usually add or invite all the riders into a WhatsApp group and everyone submits photos at the controls that way. It's also a good way to see whereabouts people are on the route.
For the solo permanents photos at the controls will suffice instead of a gpx file. As an organiser of a permanent route, it does make it easier to verify the ride on Strava or rwgps but photos at controls will always do.
Fintan Brewster
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