Why Rakesh is the Best Freelance SEO Consultant in Hyderabad?

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Rakesh Bandari

Dec 15, 2023, 10:36:35 AM12/15/23
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My name is Rakesh Bandari (Rakesh Ranks). Contact Details : 8919865280 Email: rakesh...@gmail.com As an SEO freelancer with over 5 years of experience, I’ve had the opportunity to work with businesses across various industries in Hyderabad and beyond. SEO (search engine optimization) can do wonders for increasing website traffic, leads, and sales – but it does require strategy and expertise. That’s where freelance SEO consultants like myself come in.

In this post, I’ll give you an inside look at my journey to becoming a successful freelance SEO expert in Hyderabad. Whether you’re looking to hire an SEO freelancer or explore it as a career path yourself, I hope my story gives some valuable insights!

Building My Freelancing SEO Business from Scratch

During the first year, finding clients was perhaps the biggest challenge. But a few key strategies helped me gain traction:

Leveraging Past Networks: I reached out to ex-colleagues who had moved to marketing roles in other companies. After demonstrating my SEO capabilities, many were happy to hire me as a consultant.

Local Business Events: I also actively networked at trade expos, startup events, business conferences, and more. There’s no substitute for in-person networking to land new clients!

Online Promotion: While difficult initially, I persisted in promoting my services on LinkedIn, Facebook groups, Google My Business, and relevant online communities. Cold outreach messages to potential clients led to a few wins.

SEO Business Listings: Getting listed on catalogs like GoodFirms helped establish credibility in the initial days. Positive client testimonials and published thought leadership pieces strengthened my personal brand further.

Within 6 months, my SEO consulting practice started getting steady business. The flexibility of freelancing enabled me to deliver excellent results through focused effort. Clients were quick to notice this difference compared to overworked in-house marketers or generic digital agencies.

Positive word-of-mouth led to a thriving organic lead flow. Today my SEO freelancing services are in high demand across Hyderabad and beyond!

My Core SEO Freelancing Services

Based on years of experience optimizing websites across sectors, I today focus on offering three core services:

SEO Audit and Recommendations: My process begins with a comprehensive technical/on-page/off-page audit of a website. This exposes issues and optimization opportunities I document in an actionable strategy roadmap for clients.

SEO Content Strategy: Based on the audit findings plus keyword research, I create an SEO content plan focused on ranking priority topics. I often execute the content production work myself to ensure optimization best practices.

Link Earning Outreach: For larger clients, I take charge of the outreach process for earning high-quality backlinks from relevant websites. Securing mentions on authoritative industry publications takes an SEO pro’s finesse!

Additionally, I offer ancillary services like monthly SEO reporting, website migration SEO, e-commerce SEO, SEO competitor analysis, Google Ads (SEM), and more. But the core focus usually remains on unlocking organic growth through search rankings.

Tailoring My Approach for Diverse Client Sectors

As an SEO freelancer, the scope of work often varies depending on the client’s sector and business model. Let me illustrate this through a few examples:

E-Commerce SEO Projects – For online stores, the goals are driving more product-focused organic traffic and boosting conversions. So my audits analyze site architecture, on-site search, product schema markup, reviews generation, etc. The content strategy also focuses on driving conversions vs. justinformational intent.

Lead Generation Service SEO – For my SaaS, financial services or education leads clients, the priority is generating more quality leads via organic traffic. So SEO content takes an educational focuswhile technical optimization ensures lead conversion paths are smooth.

Local SEO – I have also optimized sites for doctors’ clinics, restaurants, boutique hotels and more businesses targeting local audiences. Here, Google My Business (GMB) optimization is crucial along with localization elements on-site and in content.

Enterprise SEO – For larger corporates, it gets important to align SEO with their business goals and digital transformation roadmap. So apart from standard SEO, I advise them on site architecture, technical infrastructure, content teams to have, and more.

The core SEO principles mostly remain consistent. But adapting my consulting approach based on the client’s unique needs has been pivotal to succeed as a freelancer.

The Key SEO Tools Powering My Consulting

With innovations happening rapidly in the SEO technology landscape, my toolkit is constantly evolving. But a few tools form the core of my technical and keyword research processes:

  • Ahrefs – My workhorse for everything from discovering a website’s backlink profile and top organic competitors to expansive keyword research, rank tracking, content gap analysis and more.

  • Semrush – Alternate tool I refer to corroborate keyword stats, spot keyword gaps, discover link building opportunities etc. Helps avoid over-relying on one tool.

  • Screaming Frog – Great for comprehensive site crawls to identify on-page technical issues, extract HTML data, run page speed tests.

  • Google Analytics – Clearly crucial for all things related to site traffic stats, goals tracking, conversion funnel analysis, and understanding user behavior.

  • Google Search Console – Key for tracking real-time Google index status, manual actions, performance by query types, links/rich snippet markup issues and more.

  • Google Optimize and Tag Manager– Enables simplified A/B testing and personalization for better conversions. Also manages tracking codes.

  • Surfer SEO – Brilliant Chrome extension that shows page-level optimization opportunities as you browse any site. Easily exposes issues that impact rankings.

  • Ubersuggest – Nifty little tool for discovering extended keyword suggestions around seed keywords. Helps expand scope for target topics.

  • Google Docs, Sheets & Slides – My trusty toolkit not just for content creation but also strategy planning, auditing, reporting and client presentations!

Having the right quality tools definitely gives my freelance SEO consultancy an edge both efficiency and capability-wise. But ultimately, sound technical expertise and strategic consulting experience are irreplaceable for delivering results.

Common SEO Challenges Faced By Clients

In my 5+ years as an SEO freelancer in Hyderabad, I have seen businesses from emerging startups to established companies face a range of issues that impact organic growth. Some that come up frequently include:

Website Migration Blown SEO: Many clients undergoing a major website design revamp end up unintentionally destabilizing their healthy organic rankings. From simple URL structure changes to full-blown migrations into new CMS platforms - technical SEO auditing is a must to avoid this.

Overreliance on PPC: Some businesses focus excessively on Google/Facebook ads to drive traffic, while ignoring organic. But smart SEO & content strategy balancing both channels is a must for sustainable growth.

Rank Tracking Limited to Just Position: Merely tracking numeric rank positions often gives limited insights on actual search visibility or traffic changes. Monitoring rankings basis entire SERP placement, click-shares and impressions is better.

Content Production Issues: Creating high-quality content that ranks is certainly tougher than generic blogging. Right from topic research to optimization best practices during creation - poor processes show up in bad results.

Technical Debt Dragging Site Performance: Factors like a dated web platform, structuring limitations, heavy page sizes, insufficient hosting resources, and more affect site speed and organic rankings.

Spammy Link Building: While links remain crucial for ranking, poor quality paid links or over-optimized anchor text links can easily trigger Google penalties. Safe link building strategies are crucial.

Inconsistent Efforts: SEO needs consistent efforts over months to show stable returns. Some businesses fail to understand this and expect overnight miracles or give up too soon. Managing expectations is important.

Missed Optimization Opportunities: Even the best IT teams often miss out on technical SEO best practices - structured data markup implementation, site search optimization, URL structure streamlining etc. Unbiased auditing helps spot these gaps.

Coordinating In-House Teams: For enterprise SEO, streamlining collaboration between in-house web developers, content writers, product owners, and other teams is pivotal. Siloed efforts cause inefficiency and duplication.

These examples indicate just some of the scenario I often encounter as an SEO consultant. My job lies not just in developing strategic solutions but also advising clients on the right infrastructure, resources, and internal alignment needed for effective execution.

Realizing Career Flexibility and Growth As an SEO Freelancer

As I reflect on my career so far, choosing SEO freelancing back in 2018 easily remains one of my best professional decisions. The experience has been immensely enriching both financially and intellectually:

Learning Continuously: The variety of client projects expose me to fresh SERP patterns, content formats, or technical issues regularly. Constant learning is inevitable to stay updated in a rapidly evolving field like SEO.

Collaborating Creatively: Unlike a regular job, each new client brings fresh collaborators from different backgrounds. Brainstorming innovative growth strategies together always gets the creative juices flowing!

Earning Well: SEO specialists are well-compensated for their expertise globally. By serving overseas clients too, I earn at lucrative foreign currency rates. Location flexibility also allows cost optimization.

Achieving Work-Life Balance: No boss peering over my shoulder or painful commutes! Being my own boss gives me liberty over my schedule. I can prioritize both professional and personal goals flexibly.

Gaining Global Exposure: My clients based internationally open doors to understanding overseas search trends, marketing styles, consumer behavior nuances etc. The cultural exposure enriches my worldview.

Continuous Skilling: With SEO undergoing rapid evolution, learning new skills is a given to stay successful. But the autonomy as a freelancer allows me to skill-up effortlessly via online courses, self-study etc.

Fueling Personal Growth: Consulting forces you to showcase strong communication, critical thinking, problem analysis, solution design and other skills constantly. The end outcome is significant professional maturity and credibility.

Without doubt, SEO freelancing has transformed my career trajectory in the most fulfilling ways possible. The decision to take a leap of faith into consulting way back in 2018 paid rich dividends. Based on my experience, I firmly believe freelancing success relies on persistence, passion and constantly improving one’s expertise.

Why Hire Me As Your SEO Freelancer?

As an independent consultant without the overheads of an agency, I offer significant value:

Nimble and Focused: I directly work with clients in developing strategies and recommendations. No layers of account managers or fragmented teams.

Holistic Audit Reviews: My comprehensive audits leverage multiple tools to expose crucial technical and content issues facing your organic growth.

Strategic Solutions, Not Just Tactics: My solution roadmaps balance both quick tactical wins and longer-term strategic plays tailored to your unique business needs.

Full Transparency: You receive complete access to my audit reports, keyword research, monthly tracking etc. No hidden data or layers!

Competitive, Flexible Pricing: By optimizing costs and working internationally, I offer premium expertise and custom effort without premium retainers.

Proven Track Record: Numerous satisfied clients over 5+ years vouch for my capabilities in diverse sectors. Check my Google reviews!

Personalized Service: Being independent allows me to offer tailored, dedicated consulting and implementation oversight for your needs.

Latest SEO Techniques: My self-study regimen ensures I’m always implementing the latest effective strategies not generic outdated tactics.

If you are looking for an SEO freelancer you can trust to provide fast, white-hat solutions tailored for long term success, then look no further! Let’s schedule a consultation where I can learn more about your business and we can mutually evaluate fit.

Check out my client testimonials or connect on LinkedIn to engage my services.

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