Hoop 4 Blue Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

1–30 of 1845

Relatives of the Rainbow,

This is a group (Blue Hoop 4) is part of the HOOPS with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy (public) where you learn about the four roads (rolling them over the path of the waves) and how to maneuver or pass-over them. To know more about the four roads (hoops) visit www.whitebuffalocalfwoman.net or www.iamasundance.info.

Open To All

--For those who wish to start in our HOOPS, with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, please enter our other group, the "Stepping Stone" (indigo crystal children adults and is open to all - public) and receive Posts about evolution, Sacred Song Blessings, Song Prayers and Rainbow Colors, as well as Teachings about the Rainbow Clan. Please enter and join us at Hoop 6 to join with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy https://groups.google.com/d/forum/indigocrystalchildren

---We are open to the public at the Circle. Join us at 

-This is hoop 4, the Blue Road, receiving sound or concentric waves (sonar through sound waves). You can only enter, hoop 4 through an invitation, please enter in hoop 6, the stepping stone group, open to all. In Hoop 4 (you may browse, with questions on our public forum), y
ou will learn and begin your training to RECEIVE and share dreams, visions and all evolution brings to us regarding the Rainbow Clan and the Arc of the Covenant. Those who progress move towards hoop 3 (red road, path of the circumference and it's colors of the rainbow), 2 (yellow road, path of the folding, binding with and walking towards), 1 (white road, path of the returning circle), 5 (sanctuary for rainbow clan). 

Who are Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy?

Those who do what they say! And do not walk away, but fight for love every time, uniting broken hearts, that's the righteous wave.

Cross the red road (earthly flesh), with the blue road (heavenly soul), know what the united rising sun is (dream beams), tell the white star (bow of humility), the bear that does shine (returning from heaven), that it's united four directions that are not blind (we sea, envision with thee).

You want to know more, join the hoops and portray, how to unite and fight the true warrior way, looking out for all even those who lost their way.

Rainbow Warrior Training 

Thank you for your interest in joining Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy with us on the HOOPS (waves) of the UNIVERSE. 
We are your devoted servants fighting for love. 

We bless you nine sacred streams and four directions and we bow! 
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy and Elders, www.alightfromwithin.org
twindeermother@whitebuffalocalfwoman.org for any questions. Thank you!