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Thorben Schröder

Apr 8, 2009, 3:18:22 PM4/8/09
Hi folks,

I'm currently preparing a bachelor thesis which's topic is something
like "Scaling a MMOG with Rails". A short explanation: I'm currently
working for a company that produces browser based MMOGs in Germany.
This kind of games seems not to be very popular in some parts of the
world so if you would like to get an impression of what it looks like
check Tribal Wars ( (Disclaimer: This game
has been made by InnoGames, the company I work for).

So the topic is mainly "Scaling Rails" but as I managed to convince my
boss to support me, the MMOG part is important to make use of all the
metrics and information he and my colleagues can supply me with as the
games at InnoGames have a quite huge player count and they know how to
handle this (in PHP ;) ).

As a first step I would like to screen the books, scientific papers or
other publications out there which cover "Scaling Rails" somehow. It
would be so great if you can supply me with pointers to any book,
paper, blog post or whatever that comes to your mind.

Thank you all a lot in advance!

Best wishes from Bremen/Germany,


Carlo Pecchia

Apr 8, 2009, 4:58:46 PM4/8/09
Here you can find excellent screencasts made by Gregg Pollack:

Very interesting, IMHO....

2009/4/8 Thorben Schröder <>:
Carlo Pecchia
twitter: @carlopecchia
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