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This is the Railo Community Mailing List, for topics related to the Railo Application Server, an open source CFML engine - www.getrailo.org

Use Lucee - lucee.org - the replacement for Railo

If you are a Lucee user, go to groups.google.com/group/lucee instead.

If you are not a Lucee user, become one! Railo is no longer under active development - there have been no commits since 2014.
Lucee 4.5 is a direct upgrade from Railo 4.2 and includes important security updates.

What is Lucee?
Lucee is the successor to Railo. It began in early 2015 from the Railo codebase, and all previous Railo developers have switched to the Lucee project.
Lucee is backed by the Lucee Association, which has several corporate members, and is sponsored by several companies.
Lucee has an active mailing list at groups.google.com/group/lucee
Lucee is the only upgrade option for Railo users.

You should not sign up to this group. Use Lucee and the Lucee group.

If you really insist that there's a reason to signup here, be aware that group membership is moderated - you must fill in the "send additional information" box with the text "Lucee" and wait between 3 and 10 days for the application to be approved.