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Jun 20, 2022, 4:58:27 AM6/20/22
to raft-dev

I am trying to understand how adding a non-voter would work when using disk-based logs and state machines.

Adding nonvoter

Suppose I am using separate Rocksdb instances for Log and state machine. The current size of the state machine is 5GB.

Use case: Adding a nonvoter

The document says that The leader replicates log entries to it. 

My questions are

1. How will the state machine(rocksdb) be synced to the new node?
2. Will the leader not commit its log until the new node is updated? If not then how incremental state will be copied?

Oren Eini (Ayende Rahien)

Jun 20, 2022, 7:11:08 AM6/20/22
We have this feature (We call it watcher).
In general, it is not accounted for in terms of the majority in the cluster. It also cannot participate in elections.
Aside from that, it behaves normally. It is sent Append Entries or Install Snpahost, etc.

Nothing really that interesting.

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