Astronomers Discover A Space Structure Of Unknown Origin Larger Than The Milky Way Galaxy

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Astronomers Discover A Space Structure Of Unknown Origin Larger Than The Milky Way Galaxy

byMirza Newton April 02, 2022
A team of astronomers has discovered new details of one of the strangest cosmic structures in the universe. So strange that they are literally referred to as "Odd Radio Circles" (ORC). 

These colossal phenomena may have diameters of a million light years — nearly ten times larger than our galaxy — and are still unexplained.

ORCs are so rare that only five of them have been discovered, with six more candidates not yet confirmed. Scientists simply do not know what they are and cannot explain these beasts of proportions incomprehensible to humans. 

A new scientific study published on March 20 sheds new details on the first of these phenomena. The spectacular images — which you can see in this article — were captured by the South African MeerKAT radio telescope and correspond to the object known as ORC1 (ORC J2103-6200). Never before has an ORC been seen in this incredible level of detail. The work offers so much detail that, as the journal Nature points out, the radio astronomer of the National Autonomous University of Mexico Alice Pasetto affirms that "this discovery will initiate new scientific investigations among astronomers",

Unsolved Mystery

According to radio astronomer Bärbel Koribalski — of the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in Sydney — “ it is reminiscent of a Fabergé egg or a soap bubble.” The outer circle “measures more than a million light-years in diameter, ten times the diameter of the Milky Way, with a series of smaller rings inside it.

The mysterious ring 16 times larger than our galaxy (J. English U. Manitoba/EMU/MeerKAT/DES CTIO)

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