Radium 5.9.96 released

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Kjetil Matheussen

Feb 5, 2020, 8:22:15 AM2/5/20
to radium-music-editor
A few bug fixes and minor features.

Changes 5.9.95 -> 5.9.96:
* Sequencer/Editor: When moving the sequencer cursor,
only scroll the current editor block up or down if
the sequencer cursor in the current seqtrack is
above the current editor block.
* Manual: Update Swing page a little bit.
* Instruments: Add four FaustDev example instruments
to the instrument menu. (Saw, Square, Sine, and
* Mixer strips: Fix new plugin automatically being
set as the new current instrument after selecting
"Insert plugin". That was not supposed to happen.
* Sampler instrument: Fix recording sample to disk
when instrument name contains very special
* Menus: Remove "Import XM" from the File menu. It is
not working well enough to be put there.
* Import MOD: Ignore a couple of errors in order to
load more MOD files.
* Import MOD: Hide the volume sliders from the track
headers in the editor to makes the pan values more
* Sequencer: Made it possible to configure the color
of the current list entry border.
* Preferences: Remove a couple of unused colors.
* Sequencer: Fix color for current seqtrack border.
(It used color for current mixer strip border
* Editor: Don't hardcode alpha value of the border of
pianoroll note colors.

Kjetil Matheussen

Feb 5, 2020, 4:56:14 PM2/5/20
to radium-music-editor
Note that Windows Defender (Microsoft's anti-virus program) detects
that the file radum.exe from the 32 bit windows version of Radium
contains a Trojan. Since Radium is cross-compiled, without running a
single windows executable, this is highly unlikely to be correct.

I've submitted the file to Microsoft as a false positive, so hopefully
Windows Defender will not report it to contain a trojan in the

Kjetil Matheussen

Feb 6, 2020, 1:46:40 PM2/6/20
to radium-music-editor
Yes, Microsoft promptly removed the false detection of Radium
containing a Trojan from their malware definitions:

If there are other virus programs falsely reporting radium 5.9.96 to
contain malware, please report it to me.

On Wed, Feb 5, 2020 at 10:56 PM Kjetil Matheussen
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